Coding Websites
WebsiteWorks on iPadLink
Hour of CodeYes
Code CombatYes
IOS Coding Apps
Hopscotch: Make games! Learn to code. Coding made easy!!-learn/id617098629?mt=8
Tickle - Programming Drones, Robots, Arduino, BB-8, and Scratch Games
CodeQuest - Learn how to Code on a Magical Quest with Games
Swift Playgrounds - Learn and experiment with coding.
Scratch Jr. - Young students learn to code their own interactive stories and games.
Codable Crafts - An app for kids to create their imaginative stories by drawing and coding.
Kindle eBook - Hopscotch
iBook - Hopscotch Lesson Ideas
iBook - Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 1 & 2 (Teacher Guide)