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Using Your Teacher Webpage as a Communication Tool

There are various tools available on your teacher webpage perfect for communicating with both parents and students:

Banners - This is a visual way to get the attention of your audience. Banners can be used to communicate upcoming events and celebrations, or spotlight school news. Banners can also be used as a link to more, detailed information.

Blogs - This is a great way to extend the day with your students by offering a reflective prompt or a question related to the day's learning.

Blurbs - This is a great tool for sharing brief pieces of information and/or linking to other resources for more information.

Calendar - This can indicate important dates and details for upcoming events in your classroom or school.

Info - This page is used to communicate the "nuts and bolts" of your classroom. Items such as contact information, class schedules, classroom routines and management plans, syllabi, grading policies, etc., can be easily accessible to students and parents.

News - This tool is used on a regular basis to share the amazing things that are going on in your classroom. Your News tool should be the most frequently updated part of your classroom webpage. It's not often we get the opportunity to share with such a large audience the teaching and learning that's going on in your classroom, so share away! The News items will automatically feed to the District's homepage for all to see, unless you choose to omit the news item from the news feed.

Newsletter - The Newsletter tool is a great placeholder to upload pdf files of your classroom newsletters. They will archive, so you can continue to add to your collection of newsletters for parents and students to view.

Photo Gallery - Using the Photo Gallery is a fun, visual way to share what is going on in your classroom. Pictures should tell a story, so be sure to communicate your story effectively with images that best represent the learning.