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Creating an eBook

Creating an eBook should come at the publishing phase of writing. Prior to sitting down to create your eBook, you should have your multimedia components (images, video, audio scripts...) ready to go. If you are using multimedia components that were not created by you, be sure to follow copyright rules. If you are putting your eBook(s) on a district webpage, you will need to add a new "Page" and select "Books" under "Book Type".

Resources - Creating eBooks
Creating and Publishing a Collaborative eBook

Step by step process of one class creating history eBooks

Creating Authentic Stories for iPad: Publishing Student Authors on the iBooks Store

From authoring on an iPad to publishing on the iBooks Store on a Mac, students can become authentic authors on a variety of subjects for which they have a personal passion. In this One Best Thing, learn how a teacher from Indonesia developed a model that works with children across the globe.

Faraway Friends: Collaborative Student Publishing

In this One Best Thing third grade students from Illinois work with kids in Iceland to co-author a multimedia book using Book Creator for iPad. See ideas for building a culture of collaboration, managing workflow with Book Creator & Dropbox, and sharing a collaboratively authored book.

Student Authored Books on iTunes U: Sharing Learning Globally

Students have been authoring books in the classroom for years, but now is the time to transform those yarn, spiral and staple bound books into Multi-Touch, interactive books that can be enjoyed from iOS devices and web browsers. Learn how to share student-created digital books in ePub or iBooks format through a collection or course on iTunes U.

Creating a Spark with Authoring: Building Interactive Books for Students

Creatively crafted content that’s aimed directly at students can have a deep impact on the imagination. Learn tips for designing Multi-Touch books with iBooks Author which give students an interactive learning experience. View a complete finished example entitled Dinosaur Hunter where an interactive eBook diary is created to give students an opportunity to experience engaged learning and to motivate them to write about their experiences.

APPied Poetry: Creating and Publishing Multimedia Poetry

Learn to engage students in creative poetry enhanced and shared with iOS apps. This One Best Thing will explore quality integration of apps and use of tools to extend the audience in the poetry writing and publishing process for students of all ages.