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How To Add Multimedia To A Padlet Wall


Ideas for Using Padlet with Students

  • Class introductions: Ask students to post a brief bio, quirky fact about themselves, and/or favorite hobby to introduce themselves to the class.
  • Icebreakers: Post an icebreaker question on a wall and invite students to get to know one another and build community.
  • Inquiry: Before starting a unit of study, drive inquiry and ask students to post questions they have about the topic.
  • Previous knowledge: Ask students to brainstorm everything they know about a topic before they begin studying it.
  • Predictions: Allow students to predict how a book will end, what the outcome of a science lab/experiment will be, or what the impact of an event in history on other countries will be. These are fun to revisit once a book is finished or a lab is completed.
  • Context clues: Post a picture of a person, culturally significant scene or moment from history and ask students to explore and discuss context clues.
  • Finish the story: Post a story line and ask students to continue the story with words and images.
  • Vocabulary development: Post words on the board and ask students to collaboratively add definitions, synonyms and pictures to help all students better understand the vocabulary.
  • Label: Post a picture of a cell, piece of art work, or map and ask students to label the parts with names and information.
  • Exit ticket: Find out what students learned and what they are still confused about.

  • http://catlintucker.com/2013/06/padlet-create-a-virtual-wall-engage-your-students/
    Collaboration - Padlet
    Collaborative Posters

    Work with your group to create a poster summarizing your work on a topic. Each member must add their own ideas on a Padlet "sticky". Be sure to include your name on each "sticky" you add to the Padlet wall.


    You and your partners read the same piece of text and quiz one another using questions you each wrote. Post your questions on the Padlet wall. Include your name, your partners name, your questions, and a link to the article (if applicable). If one of you can’t answer, the other has to show how to locate the answer.

    *Modification: ask students to post their answers to the questions as well.

    Conversation Roundtable

    Create notes about a topic, on your own Padlet wall, then discuss these with your group. Create a new Padlet post for each member’s ideas. Summarize on your own (indicate your summary at the top of your Padlet post).

    Padlet Examples

    Learning about gubernatorial candidates - Pat Quinn (collaborative poster)


    Learning about gubernatorial candidates - Bruce Rauner (collaborative poster)


    What do you know about bats?


    This teacher uses Padlet as part of her morning message.
    What adjectives can you think of that describe an ant?