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Google Docs
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Collaboration - Google Docs
Collaborative RoutineDescription
Novel Ideas Only

On a shared Google Doc, brainstorm a list of prior knowledge on a topic, then stand. A group member from each group reads an item on the list, without repeating ideas. Mark an idea off if another group says it. Goal is to have the most novel ideas.

Sounding Board

Meet with a partner to share your work in progress. This work should be on a shared Google Doc between your partner, your teacher, and yourself. Your partner should provide responses and feedback on your work via the Comment option (under Insert on the Google Doc).


You and your partners read the same piece of text and quiz one another using questions you each wrote. If one of you can’t answer, the other has to show how to locate the answer. Your questions and answers should be in a Google Doc shared between your group members and your teacher.

Collaborative Poster

Work with your group to create a "poster" (Google Doc) summarizing your work on a topic. Each member must write in a different color font.

Silent Interview

Interview your partner in writing only, then introduce him or her to the class. Use a Google Doc (shared with your partner and your teacher) for your writing.