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What makes a good app?

Finding Apps That Work for Your Classroom

Good apps are not hard to come by, but there are many from which to choose, so you want to be judicious in your selection, especially if you are just starting to integrate iPads into your classroom.

Creativity is key. Apps which allow students to create authentic work and provide opportunities for higher-level thinking are the ticket. Limiting students to simple drill apps will not allow for the creativity needed in a tech-integrated classroom.

How well do the apps work together for a creative workflow? Can students easily create a multi-media product to showcase their learning? Does it push for higher-level thinking? You also will want to consider the type of feedback an app offers students regarding their work. If the app is a stand-alone app with simple drill activities, you may want to reconsider its importance in your classroom.

Be sure to choose apps that can be used across contents, then supplement with a small handful of skill apps. If you are unsure of an app, try it on your teacher iPad before using it with your students. Also, your building Instructional Technology TIL is a good resource for determining which apps are best for your classroom.

How many apps are too many?

While there isn't a magic number...

You'll want to keep in mind the amount of space you have on your iPad. Some apps take up more room than others, thus decreasing the amount of available space on your iPad.

We recommend starting with no more than 10 to 15 apps. Make sure to choose apps which will allow for smart workflows, creativity and app-smashing. It's much more effective to have a few strong "go-to" apps that you feel really comfortable using. This can add a sense of consistency to learning and collaboration in your classroom.

Requesting Apps for your Classroom iOS Devices

Requesting Apps

1. Communicate with your Instructional Technology TIL and Principal:
Your building assigned TIL will be able to guide you towards the most appropriate apps for your grade level and content. Connect with your TIL for assistance with the app selection process. Discuss funding for your apps with your principal.

2. Generate Your App List:
Create a list of apps that you would like on your classroom iPads. You will need to provide:

  • Name of the App
  • App Link (URL from iTunes)
  • Cost
  • Quantity

  • Be sure to include your teacher iPad in this count.

    3. Use the App program on the Intranet to enter your requested app information for your iPads.

  • Managed iPads
  • Unmanaged iPads

  • 4. Apps will be Purchased and Installed:
    Once you have submitted your request via the App program:

  • Your building TIL will confirm the apps are educational and purposeful
  • Your principal will approve the spending of app money
  • The apps will be purchased by a tech department purchasing agent
  • The apps will be pushed out to your devices by a technician.
  • Where are the apps that I ordered?

    If you don't see the apps you ordered yet...

    1. Go to the App Store app and select Updates.
    2. Select the "Purchased" option.
    3. Find the app you have ordered and tap the download icon to begin the installation process.

    Note: If you do not see your app available in the purchased list, the app approval and purchase process has not yet been completed.