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iPads 4 Special Needs

A fantastic resource. Read the book online, or purchase it.

Use Your iPad as a Mouse

It’s an ideal option for people with mild physical motor impairments. You can change the speed that the iPad moves the mouse cursor around your computer screen, use lots of menu buttons to access the menus of the computer, access applications, switch between open documents, use mouse controls and much more!
Look for more technology from this company.

Features to look for

Good article on features to look for in an app for Special Needs.

iPads/iPods in Education

Good overview options for students.

Apps 4 Stages

Apps for assistive learning. This wiki organizes apps around a developmental basis. From simple cause and effect to language readiness and written expression.

Apps and Extras for iPad Accessibility

Recent article with accessibility accessories.

Special Needs and iOS 5

Assistive touch allows you to customize the touch from locking the screen to sending email.

Mobile Learning 4 Special Needs

Collection of video, YouTube based.

Accessibility for the iPod

Vision, hearing, physical and motor tools for the iPod touch.

Special Education Section on the iTunes Store

A list of apps that can serve the needs of a variety of special needs.


This app allows you to read and access all Bookshare books on a iPad, iPod. To access copyrighted books from Bookshare, students must be a Bookshare member with a qualified print disability.

Teacher Tools

Life Skills

Vision Needs

Communication Tools

Speech and Language

Hearing Needs

Improving Language and Sequencing

Fine Motor Skills