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Teacher Webpage Minimum Expectations

  • Banner (It can be used as a link to another site.)
  • Current News (What's going on in your classroom?)
  • Information Page: Contains items that don't change
  • Classroom Management Plan
  • Grading Policy
  • Syllabi
  • Daily Schedule
  • Supply Lists

  • Contact Information (Post using the Blurb tool.)

    Things to remember:

  • Only school/district-related information should be posted on your teacher website.
  • Monitor photos for "Do not photo" students.
  • Avoid posting photos that may embarrass others.
  • Photos should tell a story; choose your photos judiciously.
  • Photos should showcase students and their work, not the adults in the building.

  • Webpage Rubric

    Source: Dr. Alice Christie, Web Site Evaluation