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February 12th Announcements

February 12, 2018

  • The Gay, Straight, Alliance Club will meet after school on Tuesday February 13th in room 114.  It will be a movie night so feel free to bring a snack and a drink.  

  • Once every four years the greatest athletes in the world assemble to compete in the Olympics.  The winter Olympics are going on now!  Watch and see who wins, who gets up to try even harder- the great ones never give up!  Never give up - make a plan to succeed.  Come to the library to see how the great athletes representing the United States of America are doing.  Come and check out the Olympic sports section.

  • Yoga Club will meet today after school in the library!  

  • My Brother’s Keeper WILL MEET today on each lunch shift! Get your lunch first and then come down to 105A.

  • Today’s Black History BINGO question is:    What black scientist is known as the “Father of Black Medicine in America? The answer is Daniel Hale Williams. If you have Daniel Hale Williams on your BINGO card, mark it off and date the square.