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March 13th Announcements

March 13, 2018

  1. Students during PARCC testing and over the next couple of weeks, please be mindful of noise during passing periods. Students should have consideration for others that are testing Students are reminded to do their best on PARCC assessments. Also students during testing time, please try to get to class on time as not to disturb the test setting. Students staying focused and on task will be able to participate in a PARCC reward day after testing is complete.

  2. Students reading is fundamental. Please make certain you have a book at all times during the school day. Students are expected to be reading when not participating in class activities.

  3. Students cell phones and other electronic devices should not be visible during the school day. Please refer to page 9 of your student agenda for further information on cell phone use and electronics at school.

  4. 8th grade  girls track tryouts today.  Bring running shoes and clothes for both indoor and/or outdoor practice. Be prepared to go outside.   Sweatpants and hoodie for outside practice, shorts and T shirt for indoor practice.

  5. Boys Track Practice Today make sure you are there starts a 2:30.  

  6. 7th grade tutoring will be today instead of Thursday since the quarter ends on Wednesday.

  7. Student Council will meet in room 104 Please remember to bring student council shirt designs.