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November 27th Announcements

November 27, 2018

  1. Blue and Gold Choir will be meeting in 107 Tuesday and Thursday this week- 2:30-3:50 The 8th Grade band will be rehearsing with the Blue and Gold Choir in 107 on Thursday, Nov 29 after school. 2:30-3:50

  2. The most anticipated PBIS activity of the year is almost here! For those who are interested in attending the Glow Dance, be on your very best behavior from now until winter break. The dance is free to those who do not have any office referrals starting Monday november 26th through Dec. 14th. There will be an epic light show while students show off their glow gear and dance! Mrs. Nicholas is ready to “get jiggy with it” with all of her glowing bling!

  3. ASL, American Sign Language Club, will meet next Tuesday November 27th. The list of students to attend ASL will be posted in the front lobby.

  4. A reminder to students participating in after school activities: you must be in your activity by 2:40 pm after school. Students are not to be waiting for events or practices. If a scheduled practice is after 2:40 pm, students must make arrangements to return to school for the event. Students should not be hanging out in the halls or lobby after school without permission.

  5. 8th Grade Girls that are interested in trying out for the WMS 8th grade Volleyball team. Try-outs will be today after school from 4-6pm. Please be dressed and ready to go at 4.