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December 3rd Announcements

December 3, 2018

  1. Friendly reminder: Students please remove your hats, hoods and headphones as you enter the building.

  2. Today begins our Grade Level Attendance Challenge. The grade level that has the highest percentage for the month above 91 percent will receive a reward.

  3. Today, we will start the BE HERE Bingo game. This game is to motivate students to be in attendance at school. Each day you will be given a problem to solve. Once you solve the problem you will mark the number if it is present on your bingo board. We will play until we leave for break. Ultimately, we will make a W but for this first week, you will focus on getting a B bingo. That means we will only have problems that have a solution of 1 to 15. The criteria to win the game is for you to be in attendance and not to obtain any tardies. If you have a Bingo but have a tardy during the week your win will be disqualified. So, today’s bingo problem is The product of 3 and 4 =? Solve the problem and if it is on your board, mark it. Please use pencil or something light to mark your board so that the number is still visible.

  4. Code Club will meet today in room 209.

  5. My Brother’s Keeper will meet today in room 105A during lunch. Please get a pass from your teacher to attend. You must have a pass, then get your lunch and head down to 105A. You may stop into Recovery to get a pass from Mrs. Goss as well.

  6. There will not be tutoring for 6th grade after school. 6th grade tutoring will be tomorrow Tuesday December 4th after school. Again there will not be 6th grade tutoring today.