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December 6th Announcements

December 6, 2018

  1. Friendly reminder: Students please remove your hats, hoods and headphones as you enter the building.

  2. Just a reminder that this is day 4 of our Grade Level Attendance Challenge. The grade level that has the highest percentage above 91 percent will receive a reward.

  3. Today’s Be Here Bingo problem is 20 divided by 2= ?

  4. The most anticipated PBIS activity of the year is almost here! For those who are interested in attending the Glow Dance, be on your very best behavior until winter break. The dance is free to those who do not have any office referrals starting Monday november 26th through Dec. 14th. There will be an epic light show while students show off their glow gear and dance!

  5. 7th grade tutoring will be today from 2:30 to 4, in room 208. Talk to your teachers before tutoring and bring the work you need help on with you. You need to be in room 208 with work by 2:40 if you plan on staying.

  6. If you haven't received your order form for the Washington Middle School Flapjack Breakfast fundraiser form, please pick them up in the front office. The ticket sales will run from NOW until December 19. The top 2 students who sell the most tickets will win a free laptop. Tickets are $5 each for a flapjack breakfast with the Warriors.

  7. 8th grade students: The 8th grade winter dance is next Wednesday, December 12th. Please Remember if you want to attend you need to make sure you have no failing grades by Monday, December 10th! We can’t wait to see you all there.