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February 13th Announcements

February 13, 2019

  1. Are you interested in reading a new book? Your library has a “new acquisition” area that you should check-out today! Get a pass from your teacher, come to the WMS library and find a great read. Meet your A.R. goal/read to succeed.

  2. We will be hosting a Valentine’s Dance on Valentines day. The dance will be directly after school on Thursday, February 14th. Admission to the dance will be $2. Also, on February 14, students can pay $2 to be out of uniform. Happy Valentines Day.

  3. Student reminders: If the weather allows, we will be going outside. Students are reminded to take their coats and other outerwear with them before heading to the cafeteria. Please go to your locker prior to coming outside.

  4. Also, students please remember to walk quietly in the hallways; on the right side, speaking in a level one voice. Students should not be running in the hallways or have open food. Also, students—information was sent home last week concerning the 5Essentials Survey for parents. Students, please encourage your parents to take this survey. In order for WMS to receive a report from the State, we need 20% of parents to take this survey. We are currently at 19% responding. Students if your parents take the survey and you bring back the signed card indicating they completed the survey, you can win a free jeans day.

  5. Yesterday’s Trivia Question: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was the first surgeon to successfully perform which type of operation? The correct answer- OPEN HEART SURGERY

  6. Which rap duo won the first Grammy Award for best rap Performance?

  7. Today’s Be here bingo number I 17