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March 14th Announcements

March 14, 2019

  1. Students the third quarter ends today.

  2. Boys track practice is cancelled today and Friday. Boys track will resume on Tuesday.

  3. The student vs staff basketball game will be the THURSDAY before spring break. In order to watch your peers take on your teachers, you must not receive any office referrals until then. Basketball players… this includes you too! No office referrals from now until the big game! Hope to see everyone there.

  4. Students a reminder—we will be going outside most days when the weather permits. Please remember to dress appropriately for winter weather. Students should retrieve all items for outside prior to coming to the cafeteria or going outside.

  5. 7th grade tutoring will be in room 208 today after school. We are nearing the end of the quarter, talk to your teachers before tutoring to see if there is any work you can make up and bring it with you. Please make sure you bring your work with you and are in room 208 by 2:40.

  6. Girls track practice today Don’t Miss!

  7. Yesterday’s women’s history question: During my lifetime, I painted 55 self portraits. Answer: Frida Kahlo

  8. Today’s women’s history question: My book Silent Spring inspired worldwide movements to conserve and protect the environment. Your choices are: Rachel Carson / Clara Barton / Harriet Beecher Stowe

  9. Today’s Be here bingo number is Students please be mindful of listening to adult directions. If you are asked to stop by an adult in the hallways, please respond immediately & respectfully. We are starting 4th quarter on Friday. We will begin doing the tardy process a bit differently.

  10. Students late for class will go directly to class. Students will no longer be required to go to the front desk to receive a tardy pass. Students late to school will still receive a late pass from the desk until 8:15. After 8:15, students will receive a pass from the attendance office. Teachers will complete the tardy process in their classrooms. This will be in effect, starting, Monday, March 18th.