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March 15th Announcements

March 15, 2019
  1. Welcome to the fourth quarter. Students should remember to refocus their efforts to finish the school year strong.
  2. Today’s Social Goal. I can show respect in all areas of WMS. Take a moment to reflect and challenge yourself to understand what respect looks like at WMS.
  3. Students just a reminder that All adults are in charge. If you are asked to stop by an adult, please respond immediately & respectfully. We are starting 4th quarter on Friday. We will begin doing the tardy process a bit differently. All students will go directly to class and teachers will complete the tardy process. This will be in effect, starting, Monday, March 18th.
  4. Yesterday’s women’s history question: My book “Silent Spring” inspired world wide movements to conserve and protect the environment. Answer: Rachel Carson
  5. Today’s women’s history question: I was arrested for voting in the presidential election of 1872. Your choices are: Mother Teresa / Harriet Tubman / Susan B. Anthony
  6. Today’s Be here bingo number is O61. If you have a bingo, please report the guidance office.
  7. Get ready to test! Next week starts IAR Testing and we have some fun planned for you! -Whole class rewards will be given out for perfect attendance during testing.
    - Tickets will be given to students who are here and working hard on their test. You can use these tickets to enter into a drawing for lots of PRIZES!
    - At the end of testing, you will be able to participate in an Out of Uniform Activity Day if you are doing your and best and in class for EVERY test!
    Some tips to help you do your BEST:
    Get a good night’s sleep
    Eat breakfast
    Drink plenty of water
    Be on time
    Give 100% effort at all times
    Take deep calming breaths when you are stuck and try again
    AND stay positive