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8th grade Cookout

May 23, 2018
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Million Word Club Field Trip

May 22, 2018 Students who read a million words or more during the school year are invited to choose a book from Barnes & Noble.
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Students honored for their achievement in Attendance, Academics, and AR Reading

May 21, 2018 Students of Washington Middle School (Project Impact) and Ms. Johnson’s 7th Grade students who participated in Making the Grade celebrate during a Pizza Luncheon.  Students were honored for their achievement in Attendance, Academics, and AR Reading.
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Sectional Track Meet

May 14, 2018
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Million Word Club Luncheon with Midtown Rotary

May 14, 2018 Midtown Rotary will hosted the annual “Top 40 Million Word Club” celebration of reading last week. The luncheon was held at The Inn @ 835 with prominent business people in our community and the Mayor.  
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Thank you Midtown Rotary and Sheila Feipel

May 4, 2018 On behalf of the WMS F.A.C.E Team we would really like to thank Midtown Rotary and Sheila Feipel for sponsoring our school along with Grant Middle and Jefferson Middle for taking this educational field trip.
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CEC Awards Banquet

May 4, 2018 Congratulations to CEC's 7th Annual Exceptional Student!
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Washington students receive Kindness Warrior shirts for being kind.

Washington Students Receive Kindness Shirt

Apr 12, 2018 Washington students were nominated by their teachers for being kind and positive examples of how to treat others. Our Kindness Warriors received a shirt they can wear any day of the week, and for the rest of the year they can wear jeans for free with their shirt on Fridays!
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