Teacher Webpages

Nicole R Agans
Grade 6 and 8 Science
Jane Anders
8th Grade REI
Lisa Appenzeller
7th Grade Instructional Teacher
Melanie Barnes
Melissa Beckler
Sixth Grade Language Arts/Literature
Joseph Bothel
6th and 8th grade teacher / Science Dept. Chair
Mrs. Braswell
Director of bands and choirs
Katie Bruning
6th, 7th, and 8th Math
Mrs. Kim Brunson
6th Grade Language Arts
Laurie Burgar
Steven Callahan
Franklin Middle School - Student Teacher
Glenda Cassens
6th Grade World History/7th Grade US History
RoAnna Coons
Language Arts 7th & 8th Grade
Amy Dahlkamp
6th and 7th Grade Language Arts
Sherry Daniels
6th grade Literature and Writing/ Department Chair
Jeff Dworak
8th Grade Instructional Teacher
Ashley Febus
Speech language pathologist
Mrs. Gade
Title I Rdg./Reading Academy
Kathy Gehrig
Life Skills Teacher
Clare Hart
Title I Parent Educator
Amber House
7th Grade Math
Lindsey Hughes
Student Support Services Teacher
Mr. Hulett
Physical Education, Girls Track and Cross Country
Jerrod Humphrey
Special Education
Margaret Henske
6th and 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher at WMS
Bonnie Kahl
7th Grade Student Support Teacher
Tina Kersting
Guidance Dean, Washington Middle School
Danielle Lewis
Caitlin Mccarthy
8th Grade Language Arts
Tryis McPike
6th grade Pre-Avid & 7th grade Health
Danny Midiri
6th Grade Math
William Miller
6th Grade World History, 7th grade Health and Hist
Courtney Goss
6th, 7th & 8th Grade Strategic Reading, READ 180
Mr. Chet Murr
6th & 8th Grade Math
Gail Spengler Neely
History Dept Chair, 7th & 8th Grade US History
Emily Nelson
Special Education (6th-8th)
Tammy Wiker
8th Grade REI
Mrs. Kelly Nicholas
6th & 7th Math
Stacey Norton
Speech-Language Pathologist
Molly Pasley
Teacher of the Visually Impaired/O&M Specialist
Tiffany Randle
Title 1 Parent Educator
Sara Rauch
8th Grade REI teacher
Lisa Reinders
Science Teacher
Charles Ruble
Physical Education and Head Boys Track Coach
Kaylee Sangster
6th & 7th Grade AVID and Current Events
Bridget Schaefer
6th & 8th Grade Math
Katie Schatz
6th and 8th Grade Language Arts
Lori Scheufele
6th grade Inclusion teacher
Cecelia J. Schurman
6th Grade Inclusion/Resource Teacher
Sam Sevener
Sarah Sevener
Language Arts
Melissa Sharrock
8th Grade R.E.I
Kim Smith
Lauren Smith
8th Grade REI
Kristen Sowinski Langer
Visual Art Instructor
Corina M. Stanley
6th - 8th Grade Science
Jessica Unthank
7th Grade Special Education
Courtney Upperman
6th & 8th Grade Math
Jen Wallner
AVID Coordinator, AVID, & Current Events
Christina L Webb
8th Grade Instructional Teacher
Stephanie Webster
Michelle Woods
Sixth grade special Education
Toni Wright
Math Academy