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Upcoming Face Meetings 2017-2018 11:30 am- 12:30 pm

February 2nd

March 2nd

April 6th

May 4th


F.A.C.E. Meetin 10/6/2017 Minutes

F.A.C.E Meeting 


Mr. Turner- Map testing


Old Business:


-Digital Sign working with Scott (his dad sat in for him    )

      -Making a change on outside sign for getting message   across

      -Showed an example drawing to give an idea. Yet, other input is welcomed.

      -Different Thoughts on Logo

      -Very versatile on graphics

      -Sponsors are welcomed; already have one

         -someone is saying they will match the sponsoring price

        -price is being talked about 23,000

     -Invited back for next meeting which  will be based around the idea more


Let’s Talk


-create a space where mentoring can happen

-has to bring in district criteria

-utilize school staff for parts that can not be introduced through each present staff


New Business


Student Council

-Book Club: something t

-Honor Field Trip: something more rewarding for students to strive for in the end

-Scholastic Bowl: help build the student’s confidence

  -The students would like to paint the school in a more welcoming, high energy feel

  -Look into peer tutoring

   -outside the 21st Century, after school  two-day tutoring

Side Note: how can we get the word out about the different tutoring programs available. Before it is too late, what can be done?

  What are better ways to inform our parents? Are there better ways to communicate?


Who are the advocates for those students  who aren’t able to speak out for help.


Red Ribbon Week (Lynn & Ron) week of 10/23

(Drug )

-Pairing up with student council

-Creating a concluding event : Halloween Party (short week)

-Building on different ways of prevention

   (school is will have a sale of shirts)


Lynn Eck


  -trying to put together a program for swim lessons

-Saturdays: lunch ,  suites, and caps will be provided

   -trying to get it pushed to be done during the week to help with transportation


Fall festival


-21st 1pm-3pm

-surrounding schools are invited : wms iles methany-withrow LHS

-vendors will be there

-food, activities


FACE Professional Learning 20th



Advocating for my child November


-break out sessions

  -LHS counselors will be there to give information


21st Century Myteka


Ms. Lott- Girl Bball fundraiser

F.A.C.E. Meeting 9/1 Thank You All!!!!

Welcome to WMS FACE

                                                                             DATE 9/1/17  11:30am-12:30pm@WMS


Family and Community Engagement

“Better Together”




Build A Welcoming Environment, Empower Parents in Decision Making, Deepen FACE System, Enhance Communication at All Levels


Group Norms


Mindful and respectful of others

Maintain Focus

Listen and Respond Respectfully

All Ideas are considered




Facilitator:  Tiffany Randle

Recorder: Ms. McPike

Time Keeper: Mrs. Daniels

Agenda Details

—Welcome  10 mins

   -Introductions Face Team Members Parents/ ICE Breaker

- Mr. Turner (Principal)

-Setting Roles

Old Business 5Min

Family Bingo

Getting a digital sign

New Business: 15 mins

Uniform Change

Parent Educator collaborations and plans

Mrs. Daniels...Ambassador Leadership/Student Council representation on F.A.C.E.

Community Partners/Upcoming Events-25 min

Student Mentoring

(Cadina Hawkins IAE)

(Richard Bowen Jr. Frontier)

Lincoln Library-

(Hilary Rainey)

ACE Signs

(Scott Bringuet)

Midtown Rotary club

(Jay Cook)

- Upcoming Activities and Ideas

-5min Closing Remarks

4 Family Engagement Principles



Collaboration with M-W


Community members and staff can help with the perspective the greater springfield community has about WMS.

-Skip ice breaker due to time constraints

-Introduction by Randle & Turner support & encouragement is needed by everyone.

-General info by Mr. Turner: New assessment M??provides a large amount of information regarding student performance.

State of the building (Sept. 27, 2017 6-7:30) involvement is needed from community.

-Collaboration WMS, Feitshans, Matheny are working together to make transition better

-Mrs. Goss wants to have a 8th grade night to find out more about requirements of H.S. Tracy Deal from LHS will participate.

-No book bag push, use best practice with supplies. Looking into getting binders so students can use instead of book bag. Its just an idea but nothing set.

-Digital sign appmrox. 23, 000 and new  wording on building to help with a more welcoming  environment

-Teen Scenes Wednesday at Lincoln Library. Can bring programing to WMS (activity).

E-Card every student has access to Lincoln Library online books.

-ENOUGH: a space for teens to come where they do not feel judged but feel supported. Would like to mentor female WMS students

-PYD (6-8) & Jr. Frontiers (High School) mentor males twice a month.

-Closing: Thank you for coming out.


Ms. Randle

Peggy Cormney


Hillary Rains

Mr. Cook

Tryis McPike

Vykye Johnson

Mr. Turner

Rich Bowen

Mrs. Daniels

Mr. Mahone

Ms. Lott

Ms. Sharrock

Officer Tammy

Mrs. L. Baker

Mrs. Coons

Parent-Ms. Kosoko

Mrs. Hawkins

Ms. Jones



Parking Lot:

Next Meeting

October 6, 2017


Parking Lot

Transition Night for the students both 6 and 8th grade


Uniform Assistance
Salvation Army Stores on Wabash and 11th Street

Kumler Outreach, 303 N. Grand Ave. (9-12) 522-2269

Goodwill (2531 North Dirksen Parkway, 2001 Wabash Avenue) 
Contact Ministries, 9:30-11:30 Wed and Fri 753-3939
Here are other Consignment and Resale Stores in the area:

All About Kids, Clock Tower 787-8616

Avenue Thrift, Jefferson St 528-8580 

Kids Treasures, Stevenson 585-2701

Platos Closet, Veterans 698-8605

Dollar general at Sangamon Center

Family dollar on North Grand

Kmart has uniform pieces for inexpensive prices

Community Give Away

ST.CLARE�S CLINIC: Free book bag full of School Supplies with a physical! Please call for an appointment 523-1474

Sangamon County Community Resources, the Kmart at 3250 Clear Lake Ave., and the Luers store at 1520 S. MacArthur Blvd. are offering a school uniform assistance program to income-eligible families.
The program offers a $50 uniform clothing voucher per child, up to four children per family. 
Children must be county residents, must attend schools requiring uniforms and must fit into income guidelines. Limits are $18,400 yearly for a two-person family up to $37,500 for a six-person family.
Appointments can be made by calling 535-3120 each Tuesday until all vouchers have been given out.
Please see attached form

Eye Glasses

These two companies offer VERY reasonable eye ware!


attachmentChild Safety Seat Event Flyer
Child Safety Seat Flyer

Click on it to read or print.

Sangamon County Department of Public Health

Monday and Thursday 8:30a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
2833 South Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62703-2175
Phone: 217-535-3100
Besides physicals and immunizations; LiHeap, CSBG, Emergency Rent and Dental Assistance are there also. All Public Health and County Community Services are under one roof!

ADHD Support Group

First Tuesday of each month from 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Noll Medical Pavilion Suite 2500
5220 S. 6th Street Road
For Questions call the Children's Center 757-7700.
MHCCI.org is the website.

Vision Care Information

Medicaid Vision Care Providers


Bard Optical

3055 West Wabash   217-793-2273

2409 No Dirksen Parkway  217-679-5251

Taking appointment now –will accept scripts from other providers


Walmart Vision Center (Dirksen Pkwy)

2760 No Dirksen Pkwy


Accepts Medicaid---appointments are limited and are on a first call, first serve basis.  Begin scheduling appointments on Saturday at 3 PM for Monday-Friday and every other Saturday.


St Clare’s Health Clinic

700 North 7th Street



Springfield Clinic

Eye Shoppe 1937 West Iles—217-726-1299  OR

Main Campus—1025 S 6th St—217-528-7541

NOTE: accepts only with referral from a Springfield Clinic physician as established patient of Springfield Clinic.  This is for EXAMS only (no corrective lens coverage).


Prairie Eye Center

2020 West Iles


Exam only (no corrective lens coverage)




CMH 7/13/17

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