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Professional Learning Communities

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a collaboration of teachers and administrators who work together to seek out best practices, test them in the classroom, continuously improve processes, and focus on results.

PLC BIG Idea #1

Do we focus on learning? What do we want our students to know and
be able to do?

PLC BIG Idea #2

Do we promote a collaborative culture? How do WE know students
are learning?
Collaborate about what?
• Clarify essential questions
• Develop common assessments
• Establish targets and benchmarks
• Analyze assessment results
• Plan for interventions and instructional improvement strategies

PLC BIG Idea #3

Do results guide our work? How do we respond to their learning?

PLC Big Ideas

• We accept learning as the fundamental purpose of
our school and therefore are willing to examine all
practices in light of their impact on learning.

• We are committed to working together to achieve our
collective purpose. We cultivate a collaborative
culture through development of high-performing

• We assess our effectiveness on the basis of results
rather than intentions. Individuals, teams, and schools
seek relevant data and information and use that
information to promote continuous improvement.

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