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Wilcox Elementary School

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Springfield, IL 62702

Student of the Week
Wilcox students are selected to be a Student of the Week during the school year. Each teacher selects a student on Friday. All students are announced on Monday morning and their picture is taken to hang in the hallway. They receive a certificate and a button. They also have breakfast with the principal on Friday morning.

"Gold Cards"
During school, students engaging in appropriate behavior receive compliment cards called “gold cards”. Students receive gold cards when they are observed following our school’s behavior expectations. Those “gold cards” can then be used at our school store, which will be open once a month for students to purchase candy and small prizes.
**We use parents to help at our store, and volunteers are always needed. Please let us know if you would like to help.

Out of the Blue
“Out of the blue” celebrations will happen throughout the year at random times. Students who are still on “green” and have no behavior issues for the day have the opportunity to be called to the office for a treat or reward.

Monthly Celebrations
Also, students who receive no more than two office discipline referrals in a month are eligible for our mystery celebrations at the end of each month. These celebrations can be having an extra recess, having a special treat, being able to participate in special programs, etc. The goal is to give those students a chance to enjoy recognition of their positive behavior.