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Awards for Harriet Tubman play

May 25, 2017 Here are our students, who performed in our Harriet Tubman play to celebrate Black History Month. They were recognized at our End of the Year Awards Ceremony.
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Horace Mann gives us scooters!

May 25, 2017 We received two scooters from Horace Mann and had one of our own. Three students names were drawn from a group of students, who have had good behavior and attendance this school year. Here are our winners!
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Awards Ceremony

May 25, 2017 Wilcox Elementary celebrated our students with an Awards Ceremony today. Students were recognized for Most Improvement in Math and Reading, Good Citizenship (referral free all year), awards in Music, P.E. and Art.
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Check In Check Out celebration

May 25, 2017 Our Check In Check Out students enjoyed a breakfast together as they celebrated their hard work this year.
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Out of the Blue- 4th grade Bubble Gum blowing contest

May 23, 2017 Check out our "green" 4th graders and their great bubbles!  Mrs. Brunsman might need to teach them all some lessons! :)
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Out of the Blue- Hot Potato

May 23, 2017 We played Hot Potato in Ms. O'Malley's Kindergarten class today as all of her students were on "green" yesterday and again today!  Our Principal, Mr. Goss, even joined in the fun.
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Out of the Blue

May 23, 2017 We had "special seating" in the cafeteria today for some "green students."  They enjoyed coloring at the lunch table and a popsicle for dessert.
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Out of the Blue- Sidewalk Chalk

May 22, 2017 Today, all "green" students from Mrs. Zemsky, Mr. Berberet and Mrs. Haas' classes came outside to enjoy the sunny day while decorating our front sidewalk.  
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