Out of the Blue- Sidewalk Chalk

4 hours ago Today, all "green" students from Mrs. Zemsky, Mr. Berberet and Mrs. Haas' classes came outside to enjoy the sunny day while decorating our front sidewalk.  
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Spring Up Day at Wilcox

3 days ago "Spring Up" gives students a chance to meet with their next year's teachers, see the rooms and learn the expectations. Most classes write notes with advice on how to be successful in that grade. These notes are usually very "eye opening" to the future students.
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Out of the Blues- Friday

3 days ago Today Ms. Israel's class earned suckers for 100% homework completion in her classroom, and two classes (Ms. Fernandez and Mrs. Zemsky) earned a game of Hot Potato as a reward for being on "green."
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Out of the Blue- Hot Potato

5 days ago Our 1st grade classroom played a game of Hot Potato as a reward after having ALL of their students in their class on "green" today!
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Out of the Blue- bubble gum blowing contest

5 days ago Our "green" 5th graders were treated to a bubble gum blowing contest to celebrate their good behavior as part of our May Madness!
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Out of the Blue- Sidewalk Chalk

6 days ago Our 2nd graders were surprised with an Out of the Blue to celebrate good behavior. Check out our artists, who were all on "green" today!
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Breakfast with a Book

May 4, 2017 Wilcox hosted our last Breakfast with a Book for this school year.  Parents and students enjoyed picking out a free book, and breakfast cinnamon rolls.  Mrs.
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