Holiday Shopping with the Springfield Firefighters

Dec 14, 2015 The Springfield Firefighters took some of our wonderful Wilcox students for a special treat last Saturday. Students were given a special tour of fire station 1. Each student rode to K-Mart in a fire truck with the firemen.
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Many thanks to the Telephone Pioneers!!

Dec 10, 2015 We were able to take seven students to the Shoe Carnival for a pair of shoes, new socks, a visit with Firefighters and a meal at McDonalds. This was through the generosity of the AT&T Telephone Pioneers with their Christmas Shoe Program.
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Breakfast With a Book - December 3, 2015

Dec 3, 2015 Lots of Wilcox families came out for our second Breakfast with a Book. There were lots of books to choose from. Families were treated to cinnamon rolls and donuts as well. Mrs. Lister shared the principles of Mindset with parents. Mrs.
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Mystery Celebration- Dance party with DJ Chris Murphy at WNNS

Dec 1, 2015 For all students who were referral free for the month of November, we had a dance party with Chris Murphy, a DJ at WNNS. Our students celebrated their good choices of showing respect to themselves, others and property by showing off their dance moves.
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5th grader's pizza celebration

Dec 1, 2015 Our 5th graders in Mrs. Burton's classroom were treated to a pizza party to celebrate winning the Anti-Bullying PSA video contest.
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FACE Team's Camp Out with a Book to Celebrate National Reading Night

Nov 20, 2015 The gymnasium was standing room only for the FACE Team's Family Reading night! The theme was Camping out with a Book. Team members decorated the gym to look like a forest and the lights were low for readers to use their flashlights to read by. Mrs. Lott read a camping story and Mr.
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Tar Wars presentation by SIU Medical Students

Oct 29, 2015 Thanks to the SIU Medical Students who came to Wilcox to talk about the dangers of tobacco and smoking cigarettes with our 4th and 5th graders through the Tar Wars presentations.
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October Students of the Week breakfast

Oct 29, 2015 We are sending out a special thanks to the firefighters from Station 10 for joining our Students of the Week breakfast for the month of October.
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