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2120 E. Reservoir Street
Phone: 217/525-3309
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WHAT IS PROJECT S.C.O.P.E.  (Serving Children of Parents Employed)

Students must be going into Kindergarten through 5th grade in order to attend Project SCOPE during the school year.  

Project SCOPE is a before and after school program for the elementary children of parents who work or are in educational training. The program provides the kind of care which promotes social, emotional and physical development through supervised activities. SCOPE is a program which compliments both home and school by providing a secure atmosphere for the children. After school activities in Project SCOPE: students may play board games, play outdoors, do crafts with the staff, or work on their homework. Students will receive an after school snack and drink. Project SCOPE does not offer a "drop in" program. 

download Quick fact sheet about our program!.pdf


In order to attend Project SCOPE, your child must be registered for our Program. Please read below to see how to register your child(ren).  Although we allow students to register any time throughout the school year, we will not allow any new students to begin during the last three weeks of the school year.

1. We will not register over the phone, by e-mail.  Parents/Guardians must come in to our office located at 2120 E. Reservoir Street to register.  We are open 8:00 AM - 4:15 PM

2. Upon registering your child in the SCOPE program, there is a 24 hour waiting period before a child can begin attending SCOPE.

3. You do not need to bring anything with you unless you receive financial assistance with Community Connection Point. If you receive assistance, you will need to get a "Change/Add a Provider form directly from CCP.

Families that register in the SCOPE office will be given a "golden ticket" along with a copy of the child's computer generated emergency card to take back to their school to be given to the Project SCOPE staff. This information is an important tool in notifying our Project SCOPE staff to accept your child after school. If the SCOPE staff does not receive your child's "golden ticket", they will not accept your child into their program.


Before School only: $32.50 per week per child

After School only: $37.50 per week per child

Before and After School: $70.00 per week per child

Before School and Wednesday PM: $40.00 per week per child

Wednesday PM only: $7.50 per week


Students may only attend the SCOPE program at the school that they attend.    Payment is due on Monday for the week of service. Checks are to be made payable to: Project SCOPE. We work with Community Connection Point for families that need assistance with their fee. For more information on Community Connection Point (CCP), please call 525-2805 or go to the Web Resources link at the top left side of this page for a link to CCP's web site. You will need to pick up an application from CCP first and then bring it to the SCOPE office to have the provider pages completed by our office. All payments are due the first day that your child starts Project SCOPE and must be paid the first day of each week.


The hours are 7:00 a.m-6:00 p.m. Project SCOPE is open on workshop days and early dismissals for children who regularly attend SCOPE. There will be full day care on workshop days and some vacation days. Special enrollment forms are available for early dismissal days and full days for families who only need care on these days (Winter Break and Spring Break are not included in the regular calendar school special enrollment days and are only available to students who attend SCOPE regularly). A calendar of these days is listed in the SCOPE Family Guide and on this web-site. Project SCOPE will be closed for legal school holidays, as listed in the SCOPE Family Guide. Project SCOPE opens at 7:00 a.m. Morning activities include manipulative projects, reading, quiet games, art or free choice activities. Regular school supervision begins 20 minutes before school starts, when the playground supervisor comes on duty. If your child is planning to eat school breakfast, they will go to the cafeteria at that time. After school activities include a transition time, an afternoon snack, outdoor and gym activities, a special activity like an art or craft project, a science project, or an organized game. There is time for homework and free choice manipulative activities. Project SCOPE is open until 6:00 p.m. Only people listed on your child's emergency contacts will be allowed to pick your child up from Project SCOPE. IF YOU EVER NEED TO CHANGE OR ADD A PERSON TO YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACTS - YOU MUST DO SO IN PERSON WITH THE PROJECT SCOPE LEAD AT YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL. We do not make changes over the phone!


DO YOU NEED CHILD CARE ON TEACHER WORKSHOP/INSTITUTE DAYS? If so...we have "SPECIAL ENROLLMENT FORMS" on this website located in the gray boxes to the left of this paragraph. (Make sure you choose the correct box based on whether you attend Graham/Southern View or a Traditional Calendar school). Print the form off and either mail or hand-deliver the form along with payment - make sure our office receives it at least one week before the date of care is needed!


21st Century is a program separate from Project SCOPE. If your child qualifies for 21st Century, please note the following information: 21st Century is not open on Fridays and days that school is closed due to Teacher Inservice Days, School Improvement Days, Winter Break or Spring Break. In order for your child to be able to participate in Project SCOPE on the days that 21st Century is closed, they need to be enrolled in either of the two programs listed below. We do not offer Friday only care. The two programs we are offering 21st Century families are:

Morning Care Monday - Friday: $32.50 per week per child.

Morning Care and Friday PM: $40.00 per week per child.