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SEL Competencies Resourceshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1u4B-Ri4HiqHWp_JFMl3pw8K3pT58sBij/view?usp=sharing
Videos and links for more information on each SEL competency
Random Acts of Kindnesshttps://www.randomactsofkindness.org/for-educators
FREE K-8 lesson plans, lead a kindness project or form a kindness club at your school. The curriculum features developmentally appropriate, standards-aligned lessons that teach kids important Social Emotional (SEL) skills.
Let it Ripplehttp://www.letitripple.org/films/science-of-character/
Let it Ripple explores the neuroscience and social science that proves that we can shape who we are, and who we want to be in the world. Character building online resources available.
Teachers will have unlimited access to a growing library of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, including Calm Kids, programs tailored for age groups from pre-K through high school.
Mindfulness Momentshttps://vimeo.com/227543375
While these videos were made with students K-8 in mind, the videos are relaxing and appropriate for all ages. Practicing mindfulness for short periods many times during the day is good for thebody and mind. Select from a series of seven short videos that include mindful breathing, body scan, finger tracing and more.
Keeping Morning Meeting Greetings Fresh and Funhttps://www.responsiveclassroom.org/keeping-morning-meeting-greetings-fresh-and-fun/
From Responsive Classroom - several new ideas for greetings
Parent Toolkithttp://www.parenttoolkit.com/topics/social-and-emotional
Produced by NBC Education Nation, this resource for parents and teachers describes benchmarks and advice for each SEL competency by grade level (PreK-12).
100 Books that Build Character from Scholastichttps://www.scholastic.com/teachers/blog-posts/genia-connell/100-books-build-character/
Geared toward grades PK-5th, this list of character building books often contains lessons plans and extension activities. It is organized into collections based on 10 character traits.
Better Lessonhttps://betterlesson.com/browse/learning-domain/7/culturally-responsive-teaching-and-learning
Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning is a foundational approach to instruction based on the understanding that culture is central to learning. Culture informs how students communicate, think, learn, and interact. As such, ensuring classrooms are culturally responsive is an integral part of creating social-emotional learning environments that are effective for all students.
Go Noodlehttps://www.gonoodle.com
Videos that activate students' bodies and brains. Many examples of brain breaks and mindfulness.
Class Dojohttps://ideas.classdojo.com
Short videos in the areas of mindfulness, growth mindset, empathy, gratitude and perseverance.
An interactive platform for 1:1 classrooms. Offers a variety of topics, including Social Emotional.
ACES Too Highhttps://acestoohigh.com/aces-101/
Adverse Childhood Experiences FAQ
Thriving Schools-Staff Wellnesshttps://thrivingschools.kaiserpermanente.org/school-employee-wellness-resource-center/
Developed by Kaiser Permanente, ideas in the areas of physical activity, healthy eating, improving your sleep and inspire wellness for school staff.
The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is the world’s leading organization advancing one of the most important fields in education in decades: the practice of promoting integrated academic, social, and emotional learning for all children in preschool through high school
Created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, find resources to help teachers implement project-based learning, social and emotional learning, comprehensive assessment, teacher development, integrated studies, and technology integration