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Rocket Balloons

August 29, 2011

Bayer's 'Making Science Make Sense' program visits Lincoln Magnet School to introduce students to the scientific method through a balloon racing experiment. Student teams had several materials to choose from to assemble their own balloon rocket. After the experiment, the teams made observations based on the variables that went into assembling their rocket balloon.


I think those rokets were cool because they flew on the string. Also, the funny part was when the balloons lost the air. Also, I saw my cousin, Felix.

 Anthony N.   Wed, August 31, 2011

did you see me

 anayo onyewuchi   Fri, September 2, 2011

Hi anthony

 Toby vaughn   Thu, September 1, 2011


 anastasia alexander   Fri, September 2, 2011

They kept slaking me!

 E. Thomson   Sat, September 24, 2011