Wonderful Word Work

Jun 21, 2013 Our Kindergarten Campers used shaving cream to practice writing word wall words they are working on this summer.
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3rd Grade Campers - Researching Natural Disasters

Jun 27, 2012 This week third grade campers are using technology to research about natural disasters. Students are focusing on essential questions centered around what cause and effects their natural disasters have on people and the environment around them.
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Camp Discovery Family Night

Jun 13, 2013 Thank you to all of our families that we able to attend and make this night a great success!
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3rd, 4th, & 5th Family Day

Jun 25, 2012
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1st & 2nd Family Day

Jun 25, 2012
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4th Grade Campers - Lost and Nearly Lost Theme

Jun 21, 2012 4th Grade Campers are researching endangered and extinct species of animals. Each student has chose one endangered animal to learn more about. They are using laptops to find information about the population of their animal and what can be done to save the endangered species.
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PreK & K Family Day

Jun 19, 2012 We had a great turnout for our first family day!
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