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Technology in the classroom

1:1 Chromebook Classroom Nov 14 Click here to check out some of the ways we use technology in our room!  This year our class is a 1:1 classroom!  That means that we have a class set of Chromebooks for just our class! &n

Reflex Math

Resources Oct 26 This site allows the students to log in to their account to practice and learn facts.  Your child must have earbuds to use in class.

Nitro Typing

Resources Oct 5 Visit this website to improve your typing skills!  

Class Dojo

Resources Aug 19 Please join our class as soon as you get the classroom code!  Class Dojo can help me share and track activities that happen in our classroom.  Class Dojo will also help me

Get Epic

Resources Aug 19 Check out lots of books online!  These books are organzed by topic and reading level!

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