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Captain Jake, the Neverland Pirates, and I are so excited to once again set sail for another voyage.Yo Ho, Let's Go Have An Amazing Year!
Yo Ho It’s Time We Go!

Captain Jake, the Neverland Pirates, and I are so sad to see our journey come to an end. For all those crew members embarking on new adventures next school year, we wish you best of luck and calm waters ahead. If you are a returning crew member, we will be departing port next August for some more adventures. Regardless of where your ship is sailing, we hope that your Summer is filled with swashbuckling fun!  Yo Ho, Let's Go Have An Amazing Summer! And remember that you ARGGGGGGGGGGH all terrific pirates!

Yo Ho Ho! Do You Want To Join My Pirate Crew?

Your child will be joining Captain Jake's pirate crew at Lee School as he embarks on an incredible adventure in his educational journey. Check for the gold doubloons everyday - that means that your child was part of the team and made Lee School a better school just by the good choices that he has made throughout his day. Gold doubloons also gets your child closer to the Captain Jake's treasure chest, which is stocked full of awesome treasures.
Clipart taken from:http://disneyjunior.com/jake-and-the-never-land-pirates

We All Have Special Letters!

Photos May 25 Many activities within our classroom throughout the year emphasize literacy skills, particularly tasks that pertain to letter knowledge. Identifying one's initial letter is a goal in our classr

“Lee Pirates Love Underpants"

Photos Apr 30 Nothing has given these pirates more giggles than conversations about underpants, and the book that made it all possible was Pirates Love Underpants. Check out this lively c

downloadApril Showers Bring Better Waves to Sail On!

Newsletter Apr 30 Check out how these pirates have been sailing through April learning about some fun books like Caps For Sale, Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash, and There's a Hole In My&

Yo, ho! I’m ready to go!

News Apr 8 I’m so excited to be back and rejoin my crew as we sail towards the end of our school year journey....

Birthdays Galore!

News Jan 10 Both December and January have proven to be months of celebrations. Besides learning all about December traditions around the world and January's new year, we've also been celebrating lots of birthdays. Check out our birthday crew!

downloadLearning Around the World in December

Newsletter Dec 20 Here's our latest newsletter! Check out all the fun ideas we've been learning about and look for the special, decorative folder to come home tomorrow. It contains all the activities we'

Monthly Celebration

Photos Dec 20 Students who were referral free participated in this month's celebration of creating and decorating edible evergreens. The AM students completed this activity within the classroom following seq

Fun Ways to Sort During December!

News Dec 13 Practicing sorting by defining characteristics is a goal in the Early Childhood setting....

Language Connection for Home

News Dec 8 Recently, students participated in a language lesson that focused on understanding "setting" within a story. The setting is where a story happens. Using the illustrations helped students determine the setting. The setting for Snowmen at Christmas is out

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