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Specials Schedule

Monday- Art, 10:10-11:10

Tuesday- Library, 10:10-11:10

Wednesday- SEL, 10:40-11:10

Thursday- PE and Music 10:10-11:10

Friday- PE and Music 10:10-11:10

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Spelling City

Practice weekly spelling words at Spelling City!

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Scholastic Book Clubs

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Dr. Seuss

Blog Mar 1 http://m.seussville.com/author.html Explore the Dr. Seuss website!  What did you learn about Dr. Seuss?  What was the most interesting fact?  Did Dr. Seuss inspire you in any way?    

Point of View-HOB

Blog Feb 28 Pick Ganwar, Hannah, or Kek's Mom and write from their point of view.  Be sure to give examples from the novel.

Too Much Testing?

Blog Feb 22 Read the following article and respond to the questions:  http://www.sps186....

President's Day

Blog Feb 19 If you were elected President some day, what are 3 things you would change or implement?  Be specific and explain your reasoning.  

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