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Grant Scholastic Bowl 2017-2018

Scholastic Bowl is a high-speed trivia team that practices and participates against other schools in the area to test our school's academic prowess. The team is currently looking for students in 6th/7th and 8th grade who might have a particular strength or strengths in academic and trivia arenas of Math, Science, Literature, Authors, Grammar, Spelling, Art History, Music, Composers, U.S. and World History, Geography, Current Events, and Sports.

We have currently established this year's team but are not opposed to adding players as we proceed through the season. Please see Mrs. Romer in 208 or Mr. Graves in room 209, for more information and study material to prepare for tryouts to be held sometime in early October. We are in real need of students who are strong in math and in grammar. If you feel like a Jedi in one (or many)of these areas come... join the "Dork Side".

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Literature / Writing

Hello, students and parents. Welcome to Language Arts. Glad that you stopped by!

Please, read the class info, news, newsletter and blog to keep dialed in to what is happening in the world of Language Arts for you or your child.

Remember, I can be contacted at 217-525-3170 and agraves@sps186.org any time.

-Aaron Graves

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GMS has a chess team that is a group of kids who want to learn and possibly compete against other teams around the district. Starting in September, there will be boards available in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays for those who would like to play a quiet game at lunch. If you would like challenge Mr. Graves to a game (our GMS coach), then find this bald teacher in the hall or in room 209. If you want to know more about chess, check out this movie about a young African chess player. Or if you'd like to see a great movie. http://www.timeforkids.com/news/all-hail-queen/458721 . Chess nights will begin in mid November. More announcements to follow.

-Aaron Graves GMS Chess Sponsor

Links to Sports Articles

Resources Mar 28 http://vbschools.net/moodle/pluginfile.php/29675/mod_resource/content/1/G7B3_CompetSportsTexts.pdf

7th and 8th Grade Literature

Lesson Plans Sep 6 This year, we will be spending a majority of our time simply reading. I will read aloud to the class, they will read in pairs, they will read in small groups and independently (in and out of school

7th Grade Writing

Lesson Plans Sep 6 We have spent the first 4.5 weeks working on narrative writing. We have focused intently on the building blocks of narratives. We will be working on this genre for another 2 weeks or so. Each stude

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