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Dubois Elementary School

120 South Lincoln Ave
Springfield, IL 62704
Language Folders

Photos Nov 29 In this hanging file I keep the current books and story guides that each individual language group is using. When a story is completed, the vocabulary is reviewed and the guide is placed in a diffe

My Classroom area

Photos Nov 29 A picture of the table area of my room. Students face me at the table to minimize distractions. Materials are in the pockets and files that are organized and located behind the green teacher c

Question Board

Photos Nov 29 This board was created to help students identify and understand the different wh- question words. Below the description of the question word are Post It notes of items, places, time concepts, etc.

Language Therapy

Photos Apr 18 We recently read the story Muldoon. We discussed the story elements and related vocabulary. Our discussions were written on this chart so they can be referred to at a later time. 

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