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Enos Elementary School

I am available at Enos from 8:00 a.m. -3:15 p.m. daily. I'm available by phone at (217) 525-3208.

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Writing 5!

Photos Sep 6 "Short neck.  Belly fat.  Mr. 5 wears a hat!"  

Reading group rules...

Info Aug 31 Reading Mastery Rules Sit tall Track with your eyes and finger Answer on signal R

Writing group incentives...

Info Aug 31 During writing, students are able to utilize flexible seating options and supports (i.e. swivel chairs, cushions, bouncy bands, and dolphin weighted animals).  They choose what works best for

Kindergarten Writing

Photos Aug 31 Students are gearing up for writing by learning about "mat man".  "Mat man" is a song and activity that helps us to build a person.  Students drew "mat man&q

1st Grade Math

Photos Aug 31 Math groups are in full swing.  This week we have been learning about doubles facts in first grade.  We also learned about doubles +1.  Check out our pictures we created with cubes a

Welcome Back!

News Aug 28 Our school year is off to a speedy start!  This year Ms. Dili, Mrs. Flesner and I will be working with resource students at Enos Elementary.  

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