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Read 5

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Kids Online Dictionary

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Lincoln library

Students can click on the link to log into Lincoln Library to read numerous online titles.

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PARCC Practice Test

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Fast Facts

Blog May 24 Today I would like you to read about any animal you like.  I want to see how may facts you can come up with about that animal.  Type as many as possibe, so we can see who the Fact Finder Champion will be.

4th Grade

Blog May 17 Tell me what you liked best about 4th grade.

Healthy Eating

Info May 10 Click on the title in blue to visit the McDonalds Calorie counter to see how many calories you eat when you visit.

Me! The Free!

Blog May 4 Write a poem (at least 4 stanzas) telling me your likes and dislikes.

Sticks and Stones

Blog May 3 Write a poem about a time you were hurt by words.

Wax Museum Vote

Resources May 3 Choose the best statue

It's Natural

Blog May 2 After reading Natural Bodily Function and learning how to come up with other words in a word family, write a silly poem using the words from the chart.


Blog May 1 Using the poem Stuffed, make your own poem about your favorite food.

The One

Blog Apr 30 Use you simile paper to write a poem like Han's.  Remmeber to write it like a poem, not a paragraph.

Recess Poem

Blog Apr 27 Using your outline, use two syllable words to write a poem about recess

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