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September 5, 2017 Dear Third Grade Students and Parents/Guardians, I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day long weekend! Our first two weeks of school passed so quickly! We have been occupied with beginning of the year assessments, routines, and procedures.

Our first topic in math has progressed well, as we learned about multiplication—including skip counting, number lines, and arrays. We began reading Wonder, focusing on the essential elements of a story. Building stamina, reading within reach books, and recording on our reading logs during conferring has been part of our reading workshop model. Crafting true stories is our focus with narrative writing, implementing our writing workshop model. 

As Mr. Gilmore directs us each morning, we are making each day a productive day!

Love, Mrs. Rahman :-)

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2017--20178 Specials

Monday: P.E. (2:20—2:50)

Tuesday: Music (2:20—2:50 p.m.)

Wednesday: Music (10:35—11:05 a.m.) and Art (12:20—1:20 p.m.)

Thursday: Library—Week A (1:50—2:20 p.m.)

Friday: P.E. (2:20—2:50 p.m.)

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Student of the Week

Our Student of the Week is Brayden V.  We look forward to learning more about  Brayden this week, and we look forward to having Brayden share either a book or favorite item with us on Friday.

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Student of the Month

---------- is our Student of the Month! Congratulations to --------! We hope -----enjoys ------ trip to Fulgenzis!

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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."
—Albert Einstein

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"Love, truth, and the courage to do what is right should be our own guideposts on this lifelong journey."
—Correta Scott King

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Answering Extended Response Questions

*Read and understand the given question.
*Reread the text/passage closely.
*Search for and underline parts of the passage you can use to answer the question.
*Answer the question.
*Integrate/use text references. Use some of these suggested phrases: The author stated..., On page..., The text states...so..., According to the text..., In the text..., The article suggests...
*Go beyond with implicit thinking/own thinking (inferencing, compare/contrast, arriving at conclusion) with some of these sample phrases: I can infer from the text..., From this I can conclude..., For example...
*Don't forget to include an ending, or conclusion, perhaps using one of these phrases: To sum up,..., As you can see,..., In conclusion...

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