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2018 Swinging Singers Forms

Here are Swinging Singers form. You must sign up for the new remind because there are students who have moved on in the other one. Thanks. 

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Dear Parents:


I am Mrs. Taylor your child’s Music teacher.

This year I am so excited to using two programs in music class, Class Dojo and Seesaw. If you were on class dojo last year you should still be signed up you just need seek your childs class. Please send me an email at amytay@sps186.org if you need to sign up. First and Second grade will be using the portfolio on Dojo. Third, fourth, and fifth will be using both SeeSaw and Class Dojo. This is a great way for us to connect. On class Dojo you can view what is happening during each music class time and how well your child is participating. Your child will never lose any points. However, I may not award them points that day. If that happens I will send you a private message explaining the reason for the loss. On Seesaw we will be uploading student work. You will be able to see those uploaded soon. Most of their music goals are already online. I am super excited about this year and our use of the 1:1 iPads. This is my third year and I feel we are learning more with a purpose. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Sincerely, Mrs. Taylor

Iles a World Authorized IB School
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iPad Expectations

School iPad Expectations Students are not allowed to change any settings on the iPads, unless told to do so by a teacher, INCLUDING CHANGING THE WALLPAPER PICTURE. Students are not allowed to dropbox (airdrop) images or other files to other students, unless told to do so by a teacher. Students may only use the iPads for a school related activity. Students may not download any apps, unless told to do so by a teacher. Students should listen to directions carefully before using the iPads for an activity. Students should remain only in the app that the teacher asks them to use and work only the the activity requested by the teacher. Students not following the iPad Expectations, will lose all iPad privileges. Students must handle the iPads carefully. Students may be held liable for damage incurred due to carelessness. Only teachers will be allowed to plug iPads into the charging station

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Tech Items for Tech Classes Below This Button
5th Graders...Are you a Digital Citizen? What does it take to practice Digital Citizenship?

Blog Oct 1 Refelct on what you learned today about being a good digital citizen. What are some of the most important things you can do to be a good digital citizen?

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