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Community Engagement Session
Wednesday, September 27, 6-7:30 PM
Lanphier High School Commons

Jake Olson

Jake Olson


Tuesday 9.19

Blog 6 days ago Students reviewed their learning style inventory highlighting ways to study. Students also took a brain quiz to determine if they are left or right brain dominate.  Students also checked grades and must be signed by parents. 

Monday 9.18

Blog 6 days ago Students complete a learning style inventory to determine if they were a visual learner, auditory learner, or kinesthetic learner. Students will learn more about how to use this information in their studies. 

Wednesday, Sept. 14

Blog Sep 14   Students are watching a video about a young boy who had cancer in his eye and eventually lost his sight...

Tuesday, Sept.13

Blog Sep 14 Essential question: EQ: “How does writing a reflection of what I learned help me become an active learner?” In class today, we checked grades, figured out our GPA and then practiced writing goals for low grades.  Students had to write in

Monday Sept. 11

Blog Sep 11 Today, students looked at their binder check sheet and were able to check a partner's binder and then check their...

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