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JMS Bookmark Contest📚

Thank you to all students who participated in the JMS Bookmark Contest!  We announced the top three winning bookmarks on December 21.  Congratulations to the bookmarks that placed in the top three.  The judges were impressed by all the effort that participants went to in order to encourage all students to READ!  If you didn't participate this year, you will be able to try next year.



Research is an important part of your education.  With the new eResources available through Lincoln Library, your research papers can be better than ever.  

Click the file above for a form that will help you manage your time throughout the research process.

Courtesy of Mark Bobrosky, Walter Reed Middle School Library


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Thank you Lincoln Library for Sharing! Click here to go to Lincoln Library eResources.

Research is an important part of success in school.  Having reliable resources from which to research is just as important. Thanks to a new sharing program through Lincoln Library, all district 186 students will have access to Lincoln Library's electronic resources.  Students will be able to access online encylopedias, eBooks, and videos.  

During library class, Jefferson students will receive a library number to use to gain access to the resources.  Students will also be introduced to the various resouces such as Homework Help. Thank you Lincoln Library for supporting our students in becoming 21st Century learners!

Safe Search Kids

Use this website for filtered searches!

How to Use Destiny Discover

Learn about the features of Destiny Discover with this informative video for students and teachers. Just click here!

Find a Resource Through Follett

Newbery Award Announced

The winner of the Newbery Award was recently announced. The winner is..."The Girl Who Drank the Moon" by Kelly Barnhill. Barnhill’s book is the story of a girl who is accidentally given magical powers as a baby and must learn what to do with them before others destroy her. We will have several copies of the book in our library. The Honor books are, “Freedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley Bryan,” written and illustrated by Ashley Bryan; “The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog,” written by Adam Gidwitz, illustrated by Hatem Aly; and “Wolf Hollow,” written by Lauren Wolk. Image: Amazon.com

JMS BINGO BOOK CHALLENGE KICK-OFF Challenge Yourself! The JMS Reading Committee is challenging everyone in the building to read at least five books between now and April 28. We believe we can do it if we have the right mindset! We believe the students at Jefferson can read more than 800 books before April 28. Teachers, students, staff, and administration are all invited to CHALLENGE THEMSELVES and read at least five books. Hope you like popcorn because you will earn a BINGO popcorn party if you complete the challenge. Good luck! securedata.net

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Jefferson Library Policies

BEFORE SCHOOL: Students may come to the library after students are let in during the morning. Please don't waste time looking for books. You will get a tardy if you are late for class. DURING THE SCHOOL DAY: During the School Day Students must have a pass from their teacher to go to the Library. When entering the library, timestamp your pass and sign in. Upon leaving the library, timestamp your pass again and then sign out. AFTER SCHOOL: Students can go to the library IF YOU DON'T RIDE A BUS. Time limit is five minutes. You may not come on the same day as Snack Attack.

Log-in to Google Docs

Resources May 10 Format is: username@students.sps186.org

downloadThe Big Six

Research Skills Feb 14 Watch this Powerpoint to learn about the inquiry process, The Big Six.

downloadPrimary and Secondary Sources Petroccia

Research Skills Feb 14 This PowerPoint teaches about the characteristics of both primary sources and secondary sources.

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