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**We believe the library is the central “heart” of the school community and all patrons should have access to resources including students, teachers, administration and support staff. **We believe the library serves dual purposes: providing books for reading pleasure as well as books for learning and technology for information gathering. **We believe that students should have access to the library resources throughout the school day. Including, laptops, I Pads, books and databases **We believe the library must be continually upgraded and maintained to support a facilitating role.

7:30AM to 8:30AM
Student of the Month
downloadThe Big Six

Research Skills Feb 14 Watch this Powerpoint to learn about the inquiry process, The Big Six.

downloadPrimary and Secondary Sources Petroccia

Research Skills Feb 14 This PowerPoint teaches about the characteristics of both primary sources and secondary sources.

National Social Science Association

Research Skills Feb 14 Use the information and videos to learn about Primary and Secondary sources.

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