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2017 - 2018


Students will continue to learn about the importance of using resources to advance their success in school.  Students will learn about a homework help site called, Brainfuse and will also learn about Britannica, an online encylcolpedia database. They will also continue to learn about the books on this year's Rebecca Caudill list. Also, students will be introduced to a bookmark contest. Any student can submit a bookmark that encourages others to read!

Find It Through Your eCardRebecca Caudill List ExposedBookmark Contest
Students will be able to access Brainfuse, a homework help site utilized through the Lincoln Library eCard that provides live help with homework until 9:00 at night.Students will continue to watch book trailers for the remaining Rebecca Caudill books and select books during Library class based on personal interests gleaned from the book trailers.Students will be given the opportunity to participate in a bookmark contest with the goal of encouraging others to READ through the artwork and design of the bookmark.
Students will be able to access and navigate Brittanica, an online database that can be used to complete assignments for subject areas.

October is a busy month of learning about the books on this year's Rebecca Caudill list. The Rebecca Caudill Children's Choice Book Award is a state-wide award that requires students to read at least three books from a list of twenty pre-selected books.  It challenges students to read high quality books which includes various genres from which to select. We will also continue learning about the eResources available through the Lincoln Library website (www.lincolnlibrary.info), called Novelist.

Find it Through Your eCardRebecca Caudill List Exposed
Students will be able to access Novelist, a book recommendations site with their assigned eCard. They will be able to navigate the site including: How to sign in, How to exit out, How to find books for Teens and Ages 9-12.After watching book trailers for the Rebecca Caudill titles, students will record titles that interest them based on personal interests. The list will then be used as a guide to check out library books during Library class.
Students will be able to state what type of resource Novelist is and what the features are on the site.

Throughout the month of September, students will be learning about the expectations in the library such as, how many books they are allowed to check out, how long they can check out a book and, behavior expectations in the libray.  During the second half of the month, students will learn about how to access information from Lincoln Library using their eCard.  

Library OrientationeCards-So Cool
Students will learn how the library is arranged and how to access books including: using shelf markers, where specific genres are located, and where the computers are located for catalog usage.Students will be given their Lincoln Library eCard number and will practice accessing the Lincoln Library website.
Students will learn check out procedures and will know how many books they can check out and how long books can be checked out and will learn about book care.Students will access eResources from the Lincoln Library website.
Students will learn about the consequence for a lost or overdue book(s).
Students will learn the behavior expectations for the time they spend in the library.

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