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Top Scores Reflex

Students who get the top scores for Reflex Math will join my leader board


This short video is of a Lanphier graduate and the determination that he had and where he is going in life all because he never quit. This is an inspiring message to everyone.

Folk Tales

This link will take you to over a hundred different folk tales. Read them and enjoy!

PARCC Tutorial

Please click here to access the PARCC tutorial. This will be used to introduce and create a comfort level with the test.

Raz Kids

Welcome to the new reading resource we have. Please click on here, click on your name and your password is your lunch pin. Happy reading!

downloadScience Leaf Project`

Info Sep 13 The studnets are creating leaf projects. Their forms have gone home regarding the directions. Please look for those. If you have any questions, check out the link, or ask me anything you need to re

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