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Master Facilities Planning Information

District 186 students can use the eresources from Lincoln Library.  Use your library card number or 326000 followed by your student ID number (not lunch code).

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Orientation Video

Please watch this short video about our second grade curriculum to learn about our learning goals.  Then join us on Thursday evening (9/14) any time between 6-6:45 pm so your child can give you a classroom tour.

This file lists the Lindsay Life Lessons:
I can be respectful to myself, others and property.
I can make good choices even if I am mad.
I can be OK even if others are not OK.
I can do something even if I don't want to or it is hard.
This brochure shows Lindsay Elementary School's mission statement, instructional focus and states the jobs of the staff, students and parents.  Let's all work together to help our students to learn and to grow!

Let's work together to help our students to learn and to grow!

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Hour of Code Links

Click here to find the links that we used for Hour of Code.

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Order Scholastic Books

Our class activation code is GN8RY Due Thurs., Apr. 19.

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Unite For Literacy

Read and listen to books here.

(Use Kids A-Z app on the iPads)

link to our class at Moby Max
Lucky Charms...

Photos Mar 17 ...can make math review more fun!  The students used a scoop of Lucky Charms cereal to review many math skills:  addition, subtraction, estimation, graphing, patterning, counting coins, a

Solid, Liquid or Gas?

Photos Mar 17 The students scooted around the classroom with a partner.  They worked together to detemine the state of matter for each object on the card.  They marked their answers and then we reviewe

Properties of Matter

Photos Mar 17 Check out these scientists learning about matter.  The students practiced finding the properties of several objects.  What color is it?  What is it's shape?  Is it flexible?

downloadMarch 7, 2018

Newsletter Mar 6 Remember:  1st/2nd grade music program 6:30 pm - Thursday, March 8

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