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8th Grade Sept 9-13
Monday-REVIEW for tomorrow's QUIZ. We placed a STAR * on four worksheets to review in preparation for quiz.Monday-Students began collecting notes on History Fair Topic. Each card needs to have FIVE (5) bullet point notes and a SOURCE #. Fill in Source Form for each source used to find information. Required to complete ONE card by end of class today. Great Job 8th Graders.
7th Grade Sept 9-13
Tuesday-Constant of ProportionalityTuesday-Using WRITING TOOLS to write a better story. PLOT ELEMENTS of a story arc. Exposition (introducing setting and characters, Inciting Actions (what starts the story and starts the PLOT), rising actions, CLIMAX (story's most exciting event, a turning point), falling actions (used to find a resolution), RESOLUTION (scene that ties up the ending and any loose ends) HMWK: create a STORY ARC or BOXES AND BULLETS. This will be used to create a Realistic Fiction story tomorrow. student
We learned how to graph and prove Constant of Proportionality along with y=kx.Thursday-Taking our writing from 2-D to 3-D. Ex: "I became uncomfortable." (2-D) "My palms became sweaty and clammy. I felt my shirt become damp with my uncomfortableness. The heat rose slowly in my cheeks." (3-D) We added TRANSITION WORDS. See Ms. Moskus' Google Classroom for list and also in student Writer's Notebook.
6th Grade Sept 9-13
Conferenced with students re: missing work or re-doing work for partial credit.New Hot and Spicy Word due on Friday. Introduction of short article used for comprehension activity. "Golden Gate Bridge" download into student Home/Lit file, answering the questions and using tools to annotate supporting evidence to answers.
Tuesday-Plotting data sets. Focus on understanding scale of graph, location of quadrants, x-axis, y-axis, accuracy of positive/negative points, and reflection of points. Homework tonight.Finished article "Golden Gate" questions and annotations; downloaded and turned into Google Classroom; learned how to use ONLINE TEST TAKING in student's cumulative file.
8th Grade Sept 3 - 6
Tuesday-Received work back, checked missing work. Solve one variable equations with fractions.Tuesday-Quick Writes. Character and Relationship organizer for "WONDER"
Friday- Pagerism, primary, secondary, translating information to own words (aka notes NOT copying and pasting), bullet points for facts, Source #
History Fair Project- On Monday, Sept 10 students will begin filling out not cards which include 5 bullet notes per card; completing Source Sheet w/annotations found in Google Classroom; Weekly goal of notes is 15 cards or total of 75 bullet points due each FRIDAY!!!
7th Grade Sept 3 - 6
Tuesday - Find Unit Rate involving Unit Fractions; Homework on the bottom of AVID Notes pageTuesday-Daily Quick Write in Moskus' Google Classroom; Lesson 1-Imagining Stories from Everyday Moments;Tuesday - Generate 10 fictional ideas from everyday stories in your Writing Notebook.
Wednesday-Lesson 2: Where to find topics for a fictional writing?
Thursday- Introduced "Is this a Proportional Relationship?" using table of y value/x value. Completed X-L Quiz online. Finish at home if not completed.
Friday- Introduced Types of Point of View (POV)- First Person-will use I, me, and we Third Person Limited; the narrator is outside looking in. Will focus on thoughts and feelings of only 1 character. Third Person Omniscient- similar to 3rd Limited but narrator know ALL character thoughts and feelings. Third Person Objective- The narrator reports the facts as a neutral/impersonal observer. Second Person-Narrator tells the story to another character using the word YOU.
6th Grade Sept 3 - 6
Tuesday - Introduction of Absolute Value; Greatest number vs. Lesser amount; AV is always positive number. Homework on Mrs. Wankel's website.Tuesday- Writing Strategy: Students made a map and labeled with a memory/events in appropriate rooms. They are to write a 2-page narrative essay about ONE memory. Include descriptive language, describe setting, characters, use dialogue to produce a passage.
Wednesday- Homework completion check; Practice Quiz pg 83 and Pearson On-line 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
Thursday- Went over Practice Quiz before completing Lesson 2.3 QUIZ. Will need to finish tomorrow.
Friday- Input Quiz answers into Pearson; finished up Pearson XL Lessons; introduced plotting data points on graph.
8th Grade August 26th-30th
Monday- Calculating INTEGERS +, -. * and division. Assessment today.Monday- We will begin our Beginning of Year Narrative Assessment on Tuesday.
Tuesday- Reviewed rules of Integers; completed Integer Assessment using student provided foldable.Students completed Beginning of Year Writing Assessment. Prompt: write a true story that you have experienced or have seen.
Wed-We began the Beginning of Year Assessment w/calculators. Very proud of our 8th graders as they demonstrated great effort on material that was unfamiliar to them.Wed-Completed BOY Writing Essay; collected folder for History Project.
Friday- Keep, Change, Change; Different signs=Find the Difference; Plotting Data Sets; Calculating IntegersComplete History Fair Project "What Topic Am I Doing?" worksheet by Tuesday, Sept. 3 THAT'S NEXT WEEK : )
7th Grade August 26th-30th
Monday- Joined Google Classroom; reviewed homework; began Unit2/Lesson1 Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates. Homework is Topic 2 Readiness Assessment.Monday- Continued our independent writing lesson. Last week students confirmed topic and the theme of their writing. Today we began "rehearsing" or using an organizer to set up paper in student's Writing Notebook. Organizers can be found on Ms. Moskus' Google Classroom.
Answers provided to Topic 2.1 assessment. Students checked and then discussed problems that were challenging.Tuesday- Using MENTOR TEXTS to support your INTENTION of writing. HMWK: Write down 3 Mentor Texts in your Writers Notebook that will support your independent writing.
Wed- Locked down mentor texts to analyze writing technique of author. Students will begin using an organization strategy to organize their ideas before writing. WE WILL BEGIN WRITING OUR FIRST ESSAY TOMORROW IN GOOGLE DOCS. WOOHOO.
FRIDAY- Nana's Chocolate Milk; continued finding Unit RateFriday-You write and a Friend finishes the story. Great collaborative activity that stretched your writing skills.
6th Grade August 26th-30th
Monday: first homework assignment (see Mrs. Wankel's Website); set-up Math Folders; accessed Pearson On-line; accessed Mrs. Wankel's Google Classroom.Finished setting up Writer's Notebook and completed Beginning of Year Writing Assessment. Student's choose topic for Narrative Essay.
Tuesday- Define INTEGERS; real life application of INTEGERS, plotting INTERGERS on number line.
Wed- Reviewed homework and introduced using Google Quiz to post answers for Mrs. Wankel. This will be a method that may be used for turning homework for points.We began a Narrative Writing essay; One and Half pages; based on Scars we have.
Thursday-wrapped up integers and introduced rational numbers. Ask you student an example of each.
Friday-Guest Teacher/ completed yesterday's homework and two Pearson Activities on-line.Friday-Checked Hot n' Spicy word and set-up Challenge Game;Checked Scars page and a half writing in Notebook.