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Phonics Units 1 and 2 Snap Words

a   me   the   I   like   my   at   look   

see   here   is   this   an   in   it  

and   dad   house   mom   park

Phonics Units 3 and 4 Snap Words

can   do   to   be   we   got   was  

went   she   he   boy   cat   dog      

friend   girl   man   ran   sat   sit 

how   you   am   did   fun   get

on   up   day   play   say   for

Phonics Unit 5 Snap Words

are    come    love    too    all   

ball   had   will    by    go    no   

so    as   has   her    him   


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News 5 days ago A substitute teacher left a note saying he loved being in this class! The take-home library is being used regularly by many kids and families. Snacks are varied and plentiful. Everyone has shared during at least one morning meeting this week!


News 6 days ago The SSHS Marching Band showed up at Lindsay today and paraded and played music for the students! What a surprise...


News 7 days ago Please complete the math homework this evening. The lesson today was challenging for some of the students and extra...


News Oct 11 The kids were GREAT for pictures yesterday! Did the math homework get completed last night? Making an eight can be...


News Oct 9 Good Afternoon, During math, this morning kindergarteners practiced counting 8 and 9. Please be sure to complete the homework this evening. Thank you. Students completed the first phonics unit today, Making Friends with Letters. I will be checking students&


News Oct 5 Math lesson 3-2 homework is in the folder this evening. Also, please have your child read the book, Dan the Flying Man, and the poem, Me to you! Enjoy the three day weekend!


News Oct 4 Most math assessments are graded and ready to be sent home in tomorrow's folder. The first lesson of topic three went well this morning. Please be sure to do the homework this evening. Thank you. The kindergarteners "made friends" with the words I, like and my


News Oct 3 Storytelling was a huge success today! It was a really fun and engaging writing session with great stories and illustrations. Thank you for remembering to send in objects! Math Topic 3, Number 6 to 10, begins tomorrow. The topic opener and page of Review What You Know


News Oct 2 Good evening!  Just a quick reminder: Students need to bring an object from home to school tomorrow to help them to tell a story for writer's workshop. So exciting! Ms. Bartolomucci  


News Oct 1 Happy October!  Kindergarten finished math Topic 2 today with a problem-solving lesson....

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