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Lindsay Life Lessons


I can respect myself, others and property.

I can make good choices even when I am mad.

I can be okay even if others are not okay.

I can do something even if I don't want to or it is hard.


Second Trimester Word Wall Words

has   you   as   to   we   my   have   is

play   like   of   in   it   am   at   went

Third Trimester Word Wall Words

his    him    on    did    girl    not    come

here    put    how    for    but    up    she

all    look    with    her    what    was    be  

said    that    because    down    they    do

boy    out    little    when    then     some       

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News Sep 18 Kindergarten will add the words I and see to the “snap” word wall this week.  This week, we are finishing up the last lessons in this unit of study of reader’s workshop. The plan is to have a small “We Ar


News Aug 29 Good Afternoon! Kindergarten introduced the the word, a, today. This is the first of the list of 58 words your child is expected to master reading by the end of March. Please read the book, A Farm, (paper book) with your child this evening and see if he/


News Aug 22 Hello!   The letter Bb and its sound /b/ were introduced today....


Info Aug 21

First Day

News Aug 21 Hello! We all made it through the first day!  The first day of the school year is always filled with the...

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