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Lesson Plans 6/13-6/17

Lesson Plans May 12 This weeks objectives: Finish EOY Fitness testing - Sit and Reach and absence-make-ups Capture the Flag - Cooperative challenge/activity Outdoor game stations - Pick t

Lessons 5/6 - 5/10

Lesson Plans May 12 This week we will begin our Fitnessgram End-of-Year testing. Monday-Wednesday - Push-ups / Curl-ups Thursday-Friday - PACER When finished testing in class, student act

Lesson Plan 4/29-5/3

Lesson Plans Apr 28 This week in P.E. classes: 1. We will continue to prepare for EOY Fitness Testing - PACER/Push-ups/Curl-ups/Sit n reach 2. Ultimate games will include football/frisbee/handball

Lesson Plans 4/23-4/26

Lesson Plans Apr 22 This week in P.E.: 1. Our 6th and 7th grade students will take the Baseball/Kickball Unit Assessment. 2. We will begin a Football / Ultimate Games Unit this week 3. Fo

Lesson Plans 4/8-4/12

Lesson Plans Apr 7 Welcome back from Spring Break! This week we will resume our baseball/kickball unit. We will reinforce fundamentals (throwing, catching, fielding, and hitting). Through game play we will

Lessons 3/11-3/15

Lesson Plans Mar 10 This week in P.E.  Last week in the 3rd Quarter grading period Handball Tournament / Handball game variations - (big ball/no steps/hoop handball) Introduce baseba

Helpful reminders for success - 2nd Semester

News Mar 4 1. Be sure to check grades on a regular basis. Several students are missing opportunities to get absent assignments...

Lesson Plans 3/5-3/8

Lesson Plans Mar 4 This week in P.E. : Handball games and lead-up activities will resume. Modified games that incorporate handball skills/objectives will include Mult-goals, different sized goals, additiona

Lesson Plans 2/25-3/1

Lesson Plans Feb 24 This week in P.E.: Introduce Handball Unit - skills/concepts/strategies Passing and Handball shot selection practice - Targets and Challenges/contests Coneball and Han

Lesson Plans 2/19-2/22

Lesson Plans Feb 18 This week in P.E. We''ll be wrapping up our Badminton Unit . We'll have a badminton tournament , will review study guide, and take a quiz at the end of the week. We will conti

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