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Master Facilities Planning Information

Week 9 Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans 3 days ago This week in P.E. 1. Speedball/Flickerball Review and Quiz - 10 points 2. Warm-up/Fitness activities - Balance challenges/activities, Rope climb, Tug-o-war 3. Cap

Action for Healthy Kids

Resources Oct 7 Website with healthy resources

Week 8 Lessons

Lesson Plans Oct 6 This week in P..E.: Warm-up/Fitness Activities- Exercise intervals, dynamic stretching, resistance bands, jump ropes Flickerball Game variations Speedball Game variati

Week 7 Lessons

Lesson Plans Sep 29 P.E. this week: 1. Warm-up/Fitness activities - Long rope jumping, Resistance bands, Progressive distance runs 2. Flickerball games - small-sided, indoor/outdoor, modified

Week 6 Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Sep 22 This week in P.E. Warm-up/Fitness: Timed Run, Bodyweight exercises, Jump ropes Football activities: 4 down Football, Flag Football, Ultimate Football, 2 hand touch Football

Week 5 Lessons

Lesson Plans Sep 16 This week in P.E.: 1. We will take the Soccer Unit Test (Online testing) 2. Fitness warm-up - Weightlifting (handweights). Upper body routine/circuit combined with dynamic routi

Week 4 Lessons

Lesson Plans Sep 8 Plans for this week: Warm-up/Fitness station variety - Agility, strength, endurance (ropes, bands, ladders, laps) Soccer review - Study Guide / Kahoot Soccer Ladder To

Week 3 Lessons

Lesson Plans Sep 2 This week's objectives: Finish Fitnessgram Pre-Testing - PACER/PUSH-UPS/CURL-UPS Warm-up activities will include dynamic stretching routine and agility ladders Coo

Week 2 Lessons

Lesson Plans Aug 25 This week we plan to accomplish the following: Introduce soccer unit - Pre-test soccer knowledge Soccer skills practice - dribbling, passing, shooting, position

Week 1 Lessons

Lesson Plans Aug 25 During week 1 we plan to accomplish the following: Assign rows/squads for attendance Discuss/review class and school-wide expectations Discuss/review emergency procedu

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