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2019 - 2020

Week 13 Lessons

This week we will begin a Volleyball Unit.

Fitness activities will include sprints/PACER practice, Plank and Push-up variations, and a Circuit

Lead-up volleyball activities will include - individual skills challenges, Passing 21, Newcomb, Volley tennis

Cooperative games - Omnikin volley challenges, Volley tag games

Introduce volleyball rules/skills/concepts/vocabulary

Week 12 Lessons

We will conclude our basketball unit this week.

Basketball review and quiz

Basketball games - full-court and 1/2 court

Lead-up activities - scooter basketball / omnikin basketball / Momentum / Pass only

Fitness activities - Jump rope challenges / Laps and Bands / Dynamic stretches

Cooperative games - "Spiderball Tag", Modified dodgeball game, Omnikin volley Challenges

2nd quarter week 11 Lessons

This week we will continue our basketball unit

Warm-up activities will include line touch sprints, shuffles, agility dribble challenges,and endurance runs

Passing activities will include no dribble (pass only) basketball, box passing groups, and pass relays

Shooting activities will include free throw contest, lay-ups, knockout, hot shot blitz, and "PIG"

Basketball games will include 1/2 court and full court games, 21, and Omnikin basketball

Outdoor activities will include blacktop basketball gams and other playground game options

2nd Quarter Week 10 Lessons


Review grading procedures and behavior expectations

 Basketball Unit Activities

           Dribbling, passing, and shooting relays

          Lead-up games - knockout, 21, 5 passes, small-sided games

Week 9 Lesson Plans

This week in P.E.

1. Speedball/Flickerball Review and Quiz - 10 points

2. Warm-up/Fitness activities - Balance challenges/activities, Rope climb, Tug-o-war

3. Capture the Flag / Join the rope tag / 5 passes - Cooperative games

4. Outside Activities - Baseball, Speedball, Lacrosse, Ultimate Football/Frisbee

5. Indoor Activities - Intro to basketball, 3 game rotation, "Momentum"



Week 8 Lessons

This week in P..E.:

Warm-up/Fitness Activities- Exercise intervals, dynamic stretching, resistance bands, jump ropes

Flickerball Game variations

Speedball Game variations 

Introduce Ultimate frisbee/football

Week 7 Lessons

P.E. this week:

1. Warm-up/Fitness activities - Long rope jumping, Resistance bands, Progressive distance runs

2. Flickerball games - small-sided, indoor/outdoor, modified

3. Introduce Speedball - rules, strategy, procedures

4. Indoor Kickball

5. Cooperative games - Football- 5 passes, tag variations, Hula hoop competition

Week 6 Lesson Plans

This week in P.E.

Warm-up/Fitness: Timed Run, Bodyweight exercises, Jump ropes

Football activities: 4 down Football, Flag Football, Ultimate Football, 2 hand touch Football

Introduce Flickerball Rules and Regulations

Indoor/outdoor kickball

Week 5 Lessons

This week in P.E.:

1. We will take the Soccer Unit Test (Online testing)

2. Fitness warm-up - Weightlifting (handweights). Upper body routine/circuit combined with dynamic routine

3. Introductory football activities: Throwing/receiving/kick-offs/punting

4. Football lead-up activities - Flag/Scarf grab games, 4 down - run only football, 4 down - pass only football

5. Kickball games - Outdoor and Indoor


Week 4 Lessons

Plans for this week:

Warm-up/Fitness station variety - Agility, strength, endurance (ropes, bands, ladders, laps)

Soccer review - Study Guide / Kahoot

Soccer Ladder Tournament / Regulation Games

Throwing/Catching practice - variety of equipment (yarnballs/beanbags/footballs/frisbees)

Kickball and Football Introductory games

Week 3 Lessons

This week's objectives:

Finish Fitnessgram Pre-Testing - PACER/PUSH-UPS/CURL-UPS

Warm-up activities will include dynamic stretching routine and agility ladders

Cooperative/Fitness games - Omnikin ball tag games and exercise tag games

Soccer rules, concepts, and strategy review

Soccer lead-up activities - dribble take-away, 5 passes, Multi-ball soccer, World Cup-elimination

Soccer - skills practice and regulation games

Week 2 Lessons

This week we plan to accomplish the following:

Introduce soccer unit - Pre-test soccer knowledge

Soccer skills practice - dribbling, passing, shooting, positioning through various activities.

Soccer rules, strategy, and concepts discussion

Small-sided soccer games - (3 v 3, 4 v 4)

Introduce and Complete LMS Fitnessgram Pre-tests (PACER, Push-ups, Curl-ups)

Week 1 Lessons

During week 1 we plan to accomplish the following:

Assign rows/squads for attendance

Discuss/review class and school-wide expectations

Discuss/review emergency procedures and protocols

Discuss/review grading, attendance, medical, and other pertinent class procedures

Outline and practice daily class routines through movement activities

Activities will include dynamic stretching routine, spatial awareness tag games, hand and eye-coordination activities, team-building/cooperative challenges, and introductory soccer unit skills practice.


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