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Help Others (Assist) = Service

LARONN demonstrates this character trait. He is patient with teammates who struggle with their responses (shots) and gives a thumbs up or "Good Job" when a teammate gives a correct response (scores)! He is truly a joy to have as a student (player). AND...he made me so very proud as a teacher (coach) at a recent all-school assembly. His peers were not appearing to demonstrate respect or attention to the performers, but Laronn used his frontal lobe to control himself by not engaging with his peers. Instead he watched the entertainers intently. OUR CHARACTER IS REVEALED WHEN NO ONE IS REALLY WATCHING or WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS BREAKING THE RULES. Any coach would be lucky to have Laronn as a player. Thanks, Laronn, for putting a smile on my face and in my heart!

*I use sports' analogies with my studets. School is a lot like being a player on a team and teachers are coaches just as coaches are teachers. Sometimes it makes more sense when we use analogies. And sometimes it makes life more fun!

Character Traits for 2018-19

Be honest.      =     INTEGRITY

Work hard.      =     PERSEVERANCE

Help others.    =     SERVICE 

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What Season Is It?

Brrrrrr. SNOW doesn't have anything to do with the season. Seasons are all about a date on the calendar. It's not about temperature or precipitation or the "feels like temperature" which includes the percentage of humidity.It is still fall until December 21st. September 22 at 8:54 p.m. was the official start of fall this year and is referred to by meteorologists as the Autumnal Equinox. Each season lasts three months and the change happens around the 21st. (This season is an anomaly i.e., something that is rare.)I still say the easy way to remember when seasons change is to just think 21, as in the legal age! The seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth's rotational axis away or toward the sun as it travels through its year-long path around the sun. FYI—the amount of daylight will decrease daily through this season and the next. 

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Our Schools, Our Future
Community Engagement Session 
Wednesday, September 27, 6-7:30 PM 
Lanphier High School Commons
What Season Is It?
It's still summer. Even though football games have started, fall doesn't start until September. That's why I suggest that it's easier to just keep the number 21 in our brains. Each season lasts three months and the change happens around the 21st. It's either the first full day or the season usually begins at some point on the 21st. That's the easy way to remember—just think 21, as in legal age! It's not about temperature or precipitation. It's all about the calendar. The seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth's rotational axis away or toward the sun as it travels through its year-long path around the sun.
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And the Star Student Is...
SAMMIE!!! Sammie inquired as to whether there were vehicles that used water instead of gas as fuel. He thought it would be more responsible because there wouldn't be so much pollution. I'm so impressed when our young people are environmentally conscious! While I didn't think there were such things as water-powered vehicles, I had to Google it. Imagine my surprise and absolute delight to learn that the idea is being researched.
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Here's some research that suggests that we should really think before we speak. Dr. Masuro Emoto has recorded changes in water patterns and ice crystal patterns based simply on the words that were spoken to these molecular structures. He found that words like HATE, FEAR, RAGE, UGLY made very unattractive and cloudy visual patterns in the water and on the ice. In contrast, words like LOVE, KINDNESS, PEACE created symmetrical and beautiful patterns and clarity in both the water and on the ice. Google his name and look at the photography of the water and ice. See what you think. We have a responsibility to make this life the best we can for ourselves and for our children. Why don't we all make an effort to speak more softly and to choose kind words. Let's try to make our world more beautiful!
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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! I consider myself to be blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of your child's educational experience. I want to thank all of you for entrusting me with your child's care and speech/language intervention when (s)he is with me. Let's make this a great year filled with learning for ourselves and for the children. We are in this together. Let's all get smarter!
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We Are ND
Photos Aug 31

PRACTICE Like a Champion so you can SPEAK Like a Champion
Photos Aug 31

LOVE Former Student/Family Reunions!!!
Photos Aug 30
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	Barbara Cassidy
Speech Language Pathologist
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Final Score—Georgia 20 v Notre Dame 19...but that's not the whole story. ND was ranked #24 while GA was ranked #15. It's important for us all to remember that while champions don't win every game, they EXPECT TO BE GREAT! We should all expect that from ourselves and our children. Let's EXPECT GREATNESS this year.
 Encourage Your Child To Write
Even a reluctant writer can usually be enticed to write if it's to earn a treat. It's an immediate positive reinforcer if the child receives the food when the piece of writing is complete. I'm sure your student can write a detail paragraph about a favorite food from a fast food restaurant or a favorite winter beverage. I'd love to see a sample of what your student is writing at home. (See an example of what a detail paragraph might look like by clicking the attachment at the top left on this blog.)
National Whatever Day
09/05 Nat'l Cheese Pizza Day
09/12 Nat'l Chocolate Milkshake Day
09/13 Nat'l Fortune Cookie Day
09/18 Nat'l Cheeseburger Day
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University of Notre Dame- B.A. 
St. Louis University-M.A.
Certificate of Clinical Competence - ASHA National Board Certified
ACE Award - ASHA
39 years SLP w/District 186

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Be A Star Player

This is how one student won this honor. TYSHAWN received the honor in THREE CONSECUTIVE mentions. He follwed up his stickie note work with three notebook pages FILLED with his own examples of HOMONYMS, SYNONYMS, COMPOUND WORDS and DOMAIN SPECIFIC VOCABULARY. And he added IDIOMS to his practice e.g., Your eyes are glued to that clock. TyShawn continues to exemplify what it means to Train Like A Champion. Champions don't just practice when they are at practice. They practice when they are away from the training facility. Star Players make it fun to be a Coach. Who will challenge TyShawn this season to earn the honor of Star Player?

National Ugly Sweater Day 12/21/18

Blog Dec 2 In honor of this festively unattractive day I'm hoping some of you send me pics of you and/or of your family dressed in your finest ugly holiday sweater. I just might have a sweet surprise for the tackiest photo. See you on the Unfashionable Page. :) 


Blog Aug 9 what happens in Speech/Language Practice does NOT stay in Speech/Language Practice....

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