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Tip of the day

Resources Nov 4 It's a widget from Reading Rocket.

Are you reading this summer?

Blog Jun 8 I hope you are reading 30 minutes everyday? I am still cleaning up the libraries, but I have already started reading a new book THE GREEN ATLAS! It is all about magic. . . stay tuned . .. .

Place the state

Resources Jul 19 How good are your map skills.

Do We Know Dewey?

Resources Jul 19 This is a great site to find out information on the system that helps us organize all the non fiction books in our library.


Resources Jul 19 Here are some tips to stay safe on the internet.

All about Frogs

Resources Jul 19 Find information about frogs-interesting and fun!

Springfield Lincoln Library

Resources Jul 19 Check out our public library and all the books that might not be in our school library.

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