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Master Facilities Planning Information

No Red Ink

Practice your grammar and writing skills.  

Common Lit

Stories to read that accompany our themes.  Practice your skills while reading short stories.

Study Island

Practice your needed skills on here.

Reading/AR Goal

At the beginning, this will all be confusing.  But, as we go on, you'll get the idea.  It all involves reading books at your level.  We will explain this to you in the coming weeks.  Be prepared to read a lot!

Daily Schedule

Block 1—Language Arts/Writing  Block 2—Electives for the students Block 3—Language Arts  LUNCH Block 4—Language Arts

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Target Goals

AR---Reach your goals.

Turn in all assignments.

Do great writing.

Come prepared.

Welcome Back!

News Aug 7 It's August already!  School is beginning.  I'm excited to be back at WMS in the capacity of Language...

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