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Super Readers!

Photos Mar 14 No matter where we are these children use their Super Powers to read, read, read! The library is a great place to get new books to borrow and take home to read with our families. The classroom has

Winter Party

Photos Mar 14 Our room parents are the best! They planned a wonderful party for both kindergarten classes to participate in together. The children played games, had a snowball fight, made crafts and, of course,

Pajama Party

Photos Mar 14 Our class collected the most money for the United Way Campaign so we got to wear our pajamas to school...even the teachers came in pjs! 

Thanksgiving Feast

Photos Mar 14 The children enjoyed a yummy feast prepared by Miss Neha and Miss June. They looked so cute in their Pilgrim hats and Wampanoag headbands. We ate together, like a family, in our classroom. The chil

Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

Photos Mar 14 Our Good Citizens got to play a life size version of the game "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" and had a great time doing it. Look at these cute kiddos playing a fast moving game as a reward for s

Partner Reading and November Family Portraits

Photos Mar 14 The children worked really hard to illustrate their families and decorate beautiful frames for this display. We also worked really hard at becoming good partners during reading. Here are some pictu

Turkey Talks and Thankful Thoughts

Photos Mar 14 Tom Turkey doesn’t want to be eaten! That’s why these families worked hard to disguise him so the farmer won’t find him and make him part of the feast. Look at the wonderful job t

The Witches’ Brew

Photos Mar 14   From magical spells to spooky stories we’ve been having a good time in kindergarten! Take a look at the children zapping the letters to make a witch’s brew of sounds in

Fall Festival of Fun! 

Photos Oct 27 The PTC and many parent volunteers put on an afternoon of fun games and events for our Fall Festival. Thanks to all who helped! As you can see, the children were all smiles. To see more photos of t

Pumpkin Jack presented by Carrie Winkelmann

Photos Oct 27 To celebrate our book, The Pumpkin, we had a guest from the University of Illinois Extension Program visit our class and we learned some more about pumpkins. Mrs. Winkelmann is a farmer who grows m

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