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P.E. Schedule

Click to see when your child has physical education class. Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on P.E. days to ensure their safety.

Spring Fun Run

News Mar 5 Click for information about the Spring Fun Run.

March Wellness News

News Mar 5 Click to read the March Wellness Newsletter.

downloadSpring P.E. Newsletter

Newsletter Mar 5 Click to read the P.E. newsletter for spring.

December Wellness News

News Dec 12 Click to read December's Wellness News.

Winter P.E. Newsletter

Newsletter Nov 14 Click to read the Winter P.E. Newletter.

November Wellness News.

News Nov 12 Click to read the November Wellness Newsletter.

October Wellness News

News Oct 9 Click to read the Enos Wellness Newsletter.

Enos Wellness News

News Sep 6 Click to read Enos Wellness News.

Fall P.E. Newsletter

News Sep 6 Click to read the fall P.E.Newsletter.

Spring Fun Run

News Apr 20 Click to read the flier for information about the Spring Fun Run.

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